How Roomies Connect is Disrupting Africa’s Property Market


With economic downturns, high unemployment rate and drastically increasing populations, Africa is facing shortage of homes and apartments. In Nigeria, 85 per cent of the urban populance live in rented apartment because of the high cost of land and building materials.

It is the same story in Ghana, Kenya and many other African countries. The “hustle” like most young Africans will describe the process of working to own a decent home and live comfortable is real.

Knight Frank in her Africa Report 2017 says “Rapid population growth and urbanisation are key drivers of property market activity across Sub-Saharan Africa. Its population is growing at a faster rate than that of any other global region and its demographic profile is both young and increasingly urbanised.”

Roomies Connect, the first Roommate matching service in Nigeria and a few African Countries is disrupting the property market by making apartments and homes available to more young people in Africa.

With over 300,000 website visitors and 5,000 active users, the website is connecting young Africans with their peers who are willing to go househunting toggether, share a spare room and rent an apartment together.

Thelma Chukwu, the founder describes the roomies connect as a website that connects young people and gives them the space to thrive in life.

“I need a room. Prob- ably you just m o v e d to a new place a n d you cannot go through the stress of calling an agent to help you look for one. You just want to get someone that has an apartment to spare, so you register and browse through all the people that have existing rooms, communicate with them through the message center, exchange numbers or emails and ask questions.

“The second segment is called I need a roommate, which is for those people that have extra rooms in their houses and need cash. They come online to look for a roommate. When they get someone, they go on house hunting together to look for the kind of apartment they want,” Thelma while describing Roomies Connect.

Roomies Connect is working on an application which will be released in the coming months.

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