3 Fashion Items Every Job Seeker Must Possess




Sunglasses are very vital because with all the climate change going around, the Sun can be brutal these days and you don’t want the whole job seekers rat race to change your skin colour. It has been recommended that sunglasses should be worn to protect the eyes from ultraviolet radiation (UV) and blue light, which can cause several serious eye problems.


Wrist Watch

You can land a job by wearing a wrist watch. Today, only few people own a functional wrist watch because you can always pull out your phone to check the time. What sets you apart during the interview is your ability to glance at your wrist watch and keep track of the time. Constantly using your phone as timepieces is a dangerous pattern because interviewers might think you are a ‘phone addict’ if you keep pulling out your phone every five minutes.

Ballet Flats shoes 2


Flats, oh yes, in some buildings without elevators, you have to climb the stairs all the way to the third floor and heels won’t help you. Having flats in your bag will come in handy anytime because by the time you jump through all the different flight of stairs in heels, you are already exhausted and disheveled for the interview. With flats, you won’t be so tired and you can simply readjust yourself.


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