3 Tested Ways to Negotiate a Higher Salary



So here is the deal, Company X just called you to offer you a job as Chief Pharmacist. They tell you the offer is open for negotiation if you so choose.

The next day, you walk into their offer and after negotiation, you walked out with double the initial offer. Believe it or now, there are people who get to negotiate their salary in this country.

Job Seekers sometimes forget that they have the opportunity to negotiate a higher salary when accepting a job offer. Businesses who know they have found the ideal candidate are motivated to hire the person even if they have to sweeten the deal at the end of the day.

The key to a good salary negotiation is preparation and knowing exactly what you want. Here are three tested ways to negotiate a higher salary when you get any offer.

Be Prepared for Your Negotiation

By approaching the negotiation table with reasonable information, you will make a better impression on the employer and you will position yourself reasonably from the start. The size of the company, the location and the job description has a huge impact on the salary you are expected to make.

Do a well detailed research, ask your friends holding similar positions, know what you want and hold on to it before you get to the negotiation table.

Honesty is the Best Policy

Honesty is always the best policy, don’t distort any information. Honesty helps you build a strong foundation for your future working relationship. Never lie about your previous salary in your former position, you can never tell, a reference check can reveal a lie and this can result in the offer being withdrawn, so be honest.

Never lowball yourself

Many employers will ask you for a salary range during your interview or when they first contact you for a job offer, whatever your very bottom number is, make sure the lowest number in your salary range is still above what you think you are worth. Remember your skills wasn’t acquired for free. At the same time don’t be afraid to comprise but when doing so, ensure you infuse a whole lot of confidence because this boosts your respect on the job.


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