4 Ways to Make Employees Happy (Without Adding a Kobo to their Salary)



Money doesn’t buy happiness, that is why a raise is not a sure fire way of making your employees stay. Constantly showing an employee how much the company appreciates, respects and values them on a personal level is much more gratifying.

Here are four ways of making employees happy without giving them a raise.

Encourage Communication

Create spaces where employees can freely communicate and share ideas. Make offices inviting and effective with nice furniture, tables, snacks and beverages. Casual conversations offer collaborative conversation that will grow your organization. You should also create opportunity for your employees to share ideas with you. Ensure that conversations is the office is mostly interactive.

Help Your Employees Move Up the Career Ladder

Creating a career pathway for your employees will definitely make them happy. Providing developmental support, such as training opportunities and career mentoring will help your employees become the best at their chosen careers. In a situation where they know that they will just work without moving up the career ladder, their output will be very poor because in the long run, nothing will motivate them.

Recognize and Reward Hardworking Employees

Let Employees know that you are fully aware of their contributions and there are rewards for hard work. You can create incentives like Dinner to Two, Spa Treatment, One Day Off, ensure that these incentives are such that will make them strive to work harder.

Make Employees Part of the Big Picture

When setting up your business, you had a big picture in mind and each and every single day, every activity is directed towards achieving the big picture. That is why you have to include your employees in the big picture. Give them something to be passionate about. By providing a goal they can work towards, they know that their efforts no matter how little isn’t in vain.

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