5 Job Interview Mistakes Every Job Seeker Must Avoid



Whether you are a first timer or a seasoned professional, job interviews can con you if you don’t know what you are doing.

Interviews are the first chance you get to meet your potential employers, that is why you have to make yourself memorable for the right reasons, but with other talented pool of applicants, this might come as a challenge.

To make your preparation easier, we have carved out a list of common mistakes to avoid during interviews.

Talking too much or not talking enough

Strike a balance between talking too much and not talking enough. Sell yourself but ensure that you don’t ramble. Pick out your most appropriate attributes and present them but don’t go into too much detail. Just provide enough information to satisfy the interviewers.

Failing to do your research

When you fail to do your research about either the company or the role, you will definitely be unprepared for the interview. Ensure that you completely understand the role and the organisation’s structure. Use google, check out the company website, go to public forums for example, Nairaland, almost every organization in Nigeria has been mentioned on Nairaland.

Don’t go in blind, have all this pungent details at your fingertips.

Don’t Criticise Previous Employers or Colleagues

This always gives prospective employers the wrong impression of you and can make them question your attitude to work. Instead of focusing on the mistakes of others, highlight the positive steps you took in order to overcome them. This will show your interviewers that you are a good team player.

Being late

Lateness is strictly prohibited when it comes to job interviews. You have to show your interest and enthusiasm for the role by being on time. Use @Giditraffic or @Trafficbutter and others to get traffic updates. Avoid delay at all costs, even if they don’t start the interview on time, be rest assured that your punctuality will be duly noted.

Dressing Appropriately

Choose your outfit carefully, don’t show up in jeans, even if it is a tech startup, ensure that you look the part and feel confident, so dress in your ‘office best,’ don’t just assume you can underdress because ‘how much are they paying sef.’ Ensure you dress the way you want to be addressed.




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