5 Factors to Consider When Searching for the Right Employee in Nigeria



Successful entrepreneurs started out on their own but as their business expanded, they realized that they needed to hire more hands to up the overwhelming responsibility.

You might be thinking, naaa, not me, I am superwoman, dear, there is nothing like super woman anywhere, even if it’s just one employee, at some point, you will definitely need an extra pair of hands.

Hiring the right employee is a huge step because businesses have failed as a result of bad hiring choice. The cost of finding, interviewing, engaging and training new employees is high but it is a sacrifice that must be made.

I am going to list 5 Factors to Consider When Hiring New Employees.

  1. Competence: Ensure that your new hire is competent. Does the potential employee possess the right skills, experiences and education to help you progress your business? Will the person be able to deliver with creativity and effectiveness? Does the person have potential for growth? There are the core questions you should ask yourself when hiring a new employee.
  2. Commitment: Commitment is a huge one. As an entrepreneur, you are not looking for someone who is only interested in using your business as a tool to the next big thing. You are not interested in hiring someone who is not going to be fully committed to your work. Hiring a committed employee is a money back guarantee because commitment is the driver of success.
  3. Character: Does the person have a good character, is he or she a team player, is he or she honest. Do they tell the truth and keep promises? Character determines how your employee will treat customers, so observe, ensure the new guy or gal possess good characters.
  4. Culture: Every business has a culture, the way people behave and interact with each other. For example, the way Fashion Designers relate with their customers is different from the way teachers relate with their students. Culture is the values, expectations, policies and procedures that influence the behavior of a leader and employees. Workers who don’t reflect the culture can be disruptive.
  5. Compensation: This is the most factor because employees who feel underpaid will surely not deliver. Ensure that your remuneration is respectable. When I say respectable, I mean respectable. Don’t offer a graduate N10,000 for a job an SSCE Holder can handle just because there are no jobs in the country. Remember that your employee will perform well only if they feel appreciated, so show some appreciation.


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