How to Lock Down Your Business Idea



It can come anytime, anywhere, while you are at the Salon getting your hair done or cooking in the kitchen, it can even happen while you are answering the call of nature in the Toilet. The big idea can come only once in a lifetime, that is why you have to lock it down as soon as it shows up.

I am going to share five easy steps to help you lock down the big idea because your journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur starts now.

Pen It

As soon as it lights up in your head, pen it down. Either you save it on your phone or write it in a book, ensure that it’s written down. Records are the most efficient way of reminding ourselves about our goals and aspirations. Even if you forget it somewhere assuming that you cannot act on it at that time, believe me, one day you will run into it again and this time, you might be able to act on it. Over the years, I have kept many journals and each carries one business idea or the other. Some I have shared with people who appreciate such innovation and some will forever remain in my journal.


They say sharing is caring but the sharing in this case is leaving feelers and knowing what people think about your big idea. In fact aside from your close personal network, be a bit discreet, your aim is to know if it’s a feasible idea. You might not even let the cat out of the bag completely; you can paint scenarios and see the responses you get. That’s why you need a mentor, in an ideal situation, your mentor is the best person to discuss your business idea with because he or she will inspire you.


The bible says nothing is new under the sun that is why your idea might be novel and archaic at the same time. Whatever it is new or not, you might realize that someone or a group of people are already doing the same thing and yours might just be a modification. Seize the opportunity, reinvent the wheel, let customers know that yours is the better deal.


No, it’s not a 900 page thesis, its online and offline walking and surfing around to know what is obtainable out there. For example, I want to start selling eggs within my community and I don’t know how to preserve fresh eggs. I need to do some online research on this topic and also ask poultry farmers how they do it. Google, never underestimate the power of google. Ask questions, people might laugh at you but who cares, when the money starts rolling in, they will be amazed.

Take a Step

Take a step, one step + one step + one step is all you need. It’s a different thing to have an idea, it’s another thing to take steps in actualising the dream. A quote reads ‘Either I find a way or I will make one,’ hustle, find a way, make one, one step is all you need.

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