How to Pick Out the Best Candidate During a Job Interview


The fact that you own a small business doesn’t mean that at some point you won’t need to hire someone and build a team. When hiring there are certain things you need to pay attention to in order to select the best candidate because only the best candidate can help you achieve all your goals and objectives.

Here is a quick guide on how to pick the best candidate to join your team during a job interview.

Ask the Right Question

The right question is the one that generate genuine responses. Most applicants have already rehearsed their answers and no one wants to listen to robotic answers. This is why you have to ask popular interview questions in a different way. Answers will demonstrate their level of self-awareness and tell you if they can think on their feet.

Be Observant

When interviewing a prospective candidate, read between the lines. Their intonations and physical gestures will tell you a lot about who they are and what they propose to do. Remember that if you select the person, he or she will be the face of your brand, representing your brand everywhere, so ask yourself, is this the person I want or not?

Does the Person Fit into Your Business Culture

If you have a Make Up Business and you need extra hands, would you hire someone that doesn’t wear Make Up? As a business owner, do you have to work independently or team up with other businesses to perform your task? Are you running as it goes business or let’s get things done business. You have to hire the right person that fits into your business culture.

Attitude and Ability Matters

Attitude and ability is innate, it stays over time even if the person changes jobs frequently. Even the bible says anything worth doing is worth doing well, a person’s attitude to work will go a long way in their success in life. So hire candidates that even if things are not going smoothly, they will stick with you and help you grow your business. Not everything in life is about money.

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