How to Register a Business Name in Nigeria


businessname in nigeria

Now that you have created you have identified your source of funds, it is time to register your business name.

Registering a business name in Nigeria is not as difficult as people think it is. You really don’t need to consult a Lawyer or an accountant before you register your business name.

You might be wondering that why do I need to register a business name, the thing is, in this part of the world, people like ‘packaging,’ and your business name is a huge part of that packaging.

No one will take you seriously if you have not registered your business name and some people even prefer to pay into a corporate account rather than paying into a personal account. It all starts from somewhere, you might be thinking, my small business, no business is small.

Your N10,000 per month profit business is going to become a multimillion naira company one day, so don’t underestimate your big idea.

Three Steps to Register Your Business Name

Step 1: Walk into any Corporate Affairs Commission office near you, and ask for name reservation form.

It costs about Five Hundred Naira only. You will be given a receipt and a form. On the form, you will be asked to fill in a few details. The details include your name, your address, your desired business names, type of Business You Want to Register, (Choose Enterprises/Business Name).

You will be required to choose two business names. Ensure that you choose a unique name for your business. Submit the form and wait for the results to come out. Basically, if your business name is approved, you can proceed with your registration.

Step 2: It takes about 2 weeks to get the results, while you wait, prepare your passport photographs, your partner’s passport photographs (if you have one), details of the business and your own personal details. This is the time to clarify and be sure of what will go on record. Once the results are out, study the registration form and fill your registration form.

Even on the CAC Website, it is clearly stated that ‘Individual/Proprietors can register business names without the services of the legal practitioner, chartered Accountant or Chartered Secretary.’

On the website, Fees for some services include:


50Reservation of Name500
51Registration of business name10,000.00
52Filing of notice of change of business name5,000.00
53Filing of notice of change in business address1,000.00
54Filing of notice of change in proprietorship1,000.00
55Filing of annual return1,000.00
56Filing of notice of cessation of business1,000.00
57Filing of other documents (miscellaneous)1,000.00
58Search on business name file1,000.00 per business name file
59Certified true copy of business name certificate of registration5,000.00
60Certified true copies of other documents2,000.00 per document


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