Who is Your Perfect Customer?



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Finding and keeping the perfect customer is an art. The secret lies in our hearts because everyone in the world is a customer.

The customer centric language is something we all use every single day to communicate and relate with each other. Think about it, why did you go back to that store, why did you call that plumber.

Some people spend years learning how to relate with customers. Ask the ladies in Eko Lace Shops. From the moment you step into their shop till the moment you leave, all the gimmicks are part of customer service.

A Shopaholic doesn’t only shop because of the feel of new clothes or shoes, a Shopaholic shops because she knows that in a store, she is king, all her needs are met by store keepers who display the best customer service.

The better your customer retention, the more profitable your brand will be.

Here are Four Tips That Will Help You Find and Keep the Perfect Customer

Great Customer Service: Providing great customer service is not rocket science, you don’t have to possess an MBA before you can provide great customer service. Always be polite and courteous when addressing customers, put them first because yes, only customers know best. Most importantly, always be patient even with difficult customers.

Ask for Feedback: If you don’t ask, you won’t know if you are properly responding to a customer or missing some things. To get a more accurate impression of what you can improve on, get into your customer’s mind occasionally. Let them tell you what they.

Deliver Personalised Experiences: In order to retain your customers, you must learn how to deliver personalized experiences because each customer is different. Personalization is one of the best ways to engage customers, generate more sales and keep customer sticking around.

Incentives for Long Term Customers: Over time, as your business grows, you will have a log of long term customers who trust you. This when you have to decide on a reward system that will keep them coming back. At this point, most entrepreneurs make the mistake of relaxing thinking that I already have them. You don’t, you now have to work to keep them. Giving them discounts or gifts during festive periods are both great strategies that customers look forward every year. Always reward their loyalty.

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