5 Lessons Every Entrepreneur Must Learn from Olamide’s Abule Sowo


Olamide Abule Sowo

Olamide aka Baddo is the original voice of the streets, from his humble beginning in Bariga to the streets of America, Olamide is the truest representation of the Nigerian dream.

His latest album, Abule Sowo is a combination of guts and glory. When you watch the video, apart from the normal Olamide blast of goodness, you can’t help but notice the confidence that comes with the dance and the lyrics.

Here are 5 Money lessons every Nigerian woman should learn from Olamide’s Abule Sowo.

No one was created to be poor

You know say i no be gbaroof eh
And i no like awoof eh
Emi o waye maya eh
Set the roof on fire eh

Non one inherited poverty. We are all destined to be successful in all our endeavors. Your parents might not be successful; this shouldn’t stop you from pursuing your dreams. People might tell you that you won’t make it, this shouldn’t deter you from becoming successful. All it takes is tenacity and hardwork, definitely favor will continually shine on you.

The God Factor is all that Matters

They say my level too low
Baba God dey lift me higher eh

 Whether you are a Christian or a Muslim, God is the most important factor in our lives. It has never been about how much money you have or how much money is coming your way. Its only mercy and grace that keeps us. In everything you do, in all that you have, never forget your creator.

Don’t Take Nonsense

Omo abule sowo (omo abule sowo)

If anybody fvckup (if anybody fvckup)

I go put them in their place (omo abule sowo)

I no do real estate and management but

(omo abule sowo)

People will disappoint you, some will tell you that you will never make it, but as an elegantly confident entrepreneur, let them know that they should keep their opinions to themselves because ‘it doesn’t matter.’ One of the challenges you will face on your road to success is the fear of failure and the fear of people who will think you are failing. This is the reason why you have to ensure that no one takes away your confidence and determination.

Always Stay Humble

Because am keeping my cool eh

Bi ti haier thermo cool eh

Wan loun fi ogidan we ekun eh

Erin wan bow a de’kun eh

Never stop staying humble. Keep your cool, no matter how successful you get, no matter how bloated your ego should be, keep your cool. You don’t have to be boastful before people know that you are successful. Sometimes we are tempted to showcase our success to the world and all but don’t. Continue keeping your cool each and every single day.

Your Success Will Amaze the World

Kole ye wan, bomi se wannu agbon
Young presido, biti idi agbon
Wan fe mumi, ngbo dey say na who
Ma pe laye biti ebora oru

No one can specifically explain how water enters the Coconut, the mystery is the stuff of legends. When your success amazes people, it’s a good thing. Infact when we pray for divine turn around, this is what we are asking for. So keep achieving entrepreneur, never stop dreaming and achieving because your success will amaze the world.

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