I am Africa (Tammah) and Tammah is for All Of Us



Look into her eyes, she wants to tell her story because she is the only one who can tell her story well enough for everyone to completely understand. No one else can tell her story accurately.

The question is how does she tell her story in way that won’t be distorted?

Telling a story, your story, to the world is important. Africa’s stereotypical story of perpetual strife needs to change.

We all bear the onus of changing this narrative and how can we effectively tell these stories if we don’t have the right tool that gives us the power to let our voices be heard.

tammah is a free web based online video platform with a focus on original independent African content. tammah is a platform and community where creative Africans can showcase their creativity and offer a different narrative, a better narrative.

tammah is focused on changing peoples’ minds by depicting and reinforcing the positive image of our home – Africa and Africans wherever we dwell in any part of the world.

Nnamdi Ejiogu, founder of tammah used to be a banker before co-founding a first startup in 2013 named Crowdy. Crowdy was an event based discovery app and it shut down in 2015. tammah began shortly thereafter.

He said “I founded tammah because the mainstream media’s portrayal of Africa is mostly myopic (well meaning, but often wrongheaded) and I’d like to change that broad view. Our platform creates a place to focus the content and have Africans elevate their narrative.”

tammah is a respelling of the word tama [tah-mah], the Senegalese name for the West African talking drum.

A talking drum is any of various types of drums that, by imitating the rhythm & the rise & fall of words in language, communicate ideas, stories & culture.

In every African culture, the drum is the heart of the people, and the heart of the people is the core of our culture.

Excited yet!

Now Ejiogu and team needs your help to make this project a reality. Support tammah’s Kickstarter campaign, aside from giving and getting back a million fold, you will also help actualise a vision that is for all of us.




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