Key Questions to Ask When Choosing a Business Partner



Now that you have decided to choose a business partner, what do you do next? The first step you should take after you must have narrowed down the likely individuals that possess the right skill set is ask the right questions.

Why Mrs A, what is she bringing to the table, how do I know that she is the right person, how do I approach her and work things out, what am I offering her. Why Mr B, what is unique about him that I want to tap for my business.

I am planner, I believe that when you plan accurately, there will be little or no mistakes involved when you start acting. So I write things down, I evaluate, I look for all the possible scenarios before I start taking action.

I ask the right questions. Ask the right questions, don’t rely on your intuition alone or your guts. Ask the right questions before you even approach your potential business partner.

Here is an infographic that depicts the key questions you should ask your potential business partner before you approach them.


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