Why You Should Never Mix Fashion with Studying


The attention given to fashion is getting serious by the day, every lady wants to look good at all cost. The word fashion brings to mind a flash of colour with a dash of glamour.

Fashion this day has been taken to the extreme, ladies use it as a means to express themselves. There is no doubt in the fact that your dressing helps in building your self confidence because when you dress well, you will be well addressed.

A painful aspect of fashion is that students neglect their studies and put more time to looking good like their lives depend on it. Actually, most of them believe their lives depend on fashion “if I don’t look good, I won’t be popular or accepted”.

The saying “there is beauty in simplicity” is not an ordinary saying , some ladies look smarter in simple clothes than in expensive ones.

More time and money should be devoted to academics rather than clothes and make ups.
Ebunoluwa a 200 level student of Philosophy department is used to hiding behind her friends when going in and out of class because she feels she is too simple and not properly dressed. Though a very smart girl, Ebun believes she is not as beautiful as her peers and doesn’t have so much confidence in herself, she has lost her self esteem all in the name of looking good and is now tarnishing a prospect of a bright future.

If you want to be successful in life, your motto should not be fashion but *simple living and high thinking*.

It is however a nice thing to be admired by others, but it becomes bad when it begins to affect our views and manners.

Fashion is not a bad thing so far it doesn’t impact a negative side in us and in others.

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