Terrible Bosses: Here is How to Manage Them


We’ve all had them, bosses who just enjoy making our life difficult and criticizing our work I ways we never thought possible. Sometime terrible bosses can be male or female. Most people usually complain that female bosses are the hardest to deal with especially if you are also a woman. The good news is, no matter how bad a boss is, the good thing is that, what you learn from terrible bosses go a long way in training you to be a batter person in the future. Meanwhile you have to work with them every day, so the question is how do you manage them?

Ensure Your Boss is Truly a Bad Boss

Sometimes, people react over current circumstances, that doesn’t really mean that, that is who they truly are. So, ensure that your boss genuinely has a bad character, not just because of a one-off circumstance.

Observe your boss for a day and take not of what she does well versus what she is not doing well and try to understand the motive behind his or her actions. Is it something beyond your boss’s control that triggered the reaction or something he or she could have diffused.

This will help you to decide whether it is a bad boss you are dealing with or not.

Don’t Let it Affect Your Productivity

Don’t let anything or anyone affect your productivity. You have to be on good terms with all your bosses if you want to keep your job. Do what you do excellently, in times when you cannot speak for yourself, your work will speak for you.

In some cases, other people will confidently call out your boss by saying, hey that person does her job well. Why are you complaining so much about her?

Be One Step Ahead

This is true especially if your boss is a micromanager, anticipate what the next move is and be there before your boss can say Jack Robinson. Don’t wait for your boss to point you to the next step and tell you what to do before you do it.

Do it and give an update. Sooner or later, your boss will realize you have your responsibilities on track and micromanagement is not needed.


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