5 Ways to Make Your Man Completely Faithful to You


Women should understand that men cheat because they want variety in their sex lives, not because they don’t love you. We often interpret cheating or signs of cheating as “he doesn’t love me” this is really wrong. While some men will always be Yoruba demons, not all of them is capable of becoming serial cheaters.

Here are five ways to make your man completely faithful to you

Always appreciate him

Even if he knows how much you love him, you still have to remind him every day, ensure you not only communicate affection and appreciation through words, communicate through your actions too. Be supportive and appreciate him every step of the way.

He needs Space

Everyman has his own thing going on, so give him space to do his own thing. Give him time for himself. Let him pursue his hobbies and whatever makes him happy. Read ( 7 unspoken signs and gestures that prove your man loves you )

Respect him

All men hate disrespect, I repeat, all men hate disrespect. Although quite a number of them behave immaturely atimes, that is not an excuse for you to treat him like a child. Respectfully point out his mistakes and help him adjust.

Don’t bore him

Challenge him intellectually and physically( you know what I mean). Don’t be a bore, let him chase you sometimes. One popular female pastor once said she changes her hairstyle regularly and her husband enjoys it because he is married to a different all the time.

Take Care of Yourself

Once we land the man, we often forget to take care of ourselves and look attractive to him. Some women completely abandon their beauty and care routine the moment they start dating someone and switch back once they are single. Always look beautiful and be hygienic. A man might not say it but he wants you sparkling clean.

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