8 Signs Marrying Him Would End Up in Divorce


Marriage is every girl’s dream, especially if you have nosy family members who are already preparing for the ceremony without your consent. Believe me, as much as we all want to get married, we should also be conscious of the fact that there are telltale signs of whether the marriage will work or not.

Here are eight signs marrying him will end up in divorce

Money differences

Don’t tie the know if you cannot share the same financial plans. Money is very vital in a marriage and aside from sex, it is the root cause of a large percentage of divorce. You have to be sure that money differences won’t tear you apart after marriage.

In-Law Palava

Yoruba people say you can marry a bad wife but it is difficult to have terrible in-laws. In-Law palava will definitely put a strain on the relationship if especially they don’t like you or your husband to be.


Your goals have to align, if your goals don’t align, there is no point in getting married. You both have to support each other’s career and life choices and be each other’s helping hand. Anything otherwise can end up in divorce.


If your courtship was a constant battleground, don’t bother about the outcome of the marriage because it will be the same. You both have to learn to get past your issues and be mature about it.

Interest in him

You have to be genuinely interested in him to make a marriage work. Getting lazy and not fostering a connection will lead to a bad marriage.


You have to fix the communication barrier before saying “I do” You both have to learn to communicate with each other. Communication is vital in any relationship even between siblings talkless of a life partner.


You have to be satisfied with your sex life before you tie the knot. If he cannot satisfy you in bed, don’t delude yourself by thinking that will change in marriage, it won’t. So carefully choose to stick with that man for the rest of your life come rain come sunshine.

Banking on marriage as a solution to all your problems

Although it is possible for someone to change, don’t think that banking on marriage as the only way he will change is a good recipe for a successful one. Marriage might not change him and the fact that before marriage, you are already thinking like this shows that your marriage might end up in divorce.

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