Tiwa Savage’s Rant About Being A Millennial African Woman is Spot On


Being a Millenial African woman has a lot of downsides. Even celebrities feel the brunt. No achievement is enough, you are measured on the same scale. Making history or remaking it doesn’t cut it.

Millenial African Women have to bear the brunt of judgement on scales of marital life and having a “man over your head.”

Tiwa wrote “tired of proving me,” who wouldn’t be. While people celebrate her success, they also reprimand her marital life. We hear rumours like she is dating Wiz Kid. On one of the biggest nights of her career, the news still had to be about her husband, Tunji Balogun popularly known as Tee Billz.

For the Millenial African Woman, fame and fortune are never enough, there has to be a man linked to your success or else that success will be misconstrued by the society.

Amongst ourselves, we have to deal with the haters who point out how many times you have been single and how your inability to find a smart, intelligent caring man you can spend the rest of your life with is your fault.

Haters remind you, they compare you, each and every single day. As an unmarried Millenial African woman who is also an entrepreneur, I have had to deal with neighbours asking me when I am getting married, clients teasing me about getting a man.

It is never enough that you are successful in your career, the only justification for success if having a husband.

I know a couple of Millenial African women who cannot buy a car even when they can afford to buy three because according to societal standards, a woman who has a car and isn’t married won’t get a husband.

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