Trophy Girlfriend: 7 Signs he is only dating you for bragging rights


Guys acquire a Trophy girlfriend to boost their ego. He will definitely treat you right but it is all for his selfish ego boost. You know the rep he gets when his friends see you and start salivating.

Here are seven signs he is only using you to do shakara among his friends

He is only interested in your looks

Well, your beauty is the only reason he is keeping you around, he will always compliment your looks at every corner, “oh baby, you look good.”

You have to be friends with his friends

The moment he starts introducing you to his friends early on in the relationship, like the next day, within the week, be rest assured that there is something up his sleeve. He is only interested in keeping you as a trophy girlfriend.

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He is not interested in the deeper stuff

He is not concerned about your life or your personality, he won’t ask you about your past and all, he is only interested in what you look like at the moment because he is not interested in making the relationship last so the lesser he knows the better.


He takes you around everywhere

Well, as a trophy girlfriend, you are his accessory so like handbag is to a woman, you are his handbag. An ornament he has to accessorise with every day.

He spends a lot of money on you

The money is not for your self-development, the money is to ensure you look good always and smell good too. I know a lady who carries two perfumes in her bag every day and not to talk about the bimonthly shopping trips. That is absolutely screaming trophy girlfriend.

Love at first sight

Well, I am not saying all love, at first sight, is trophy relationship status but well, he started confessing true love the moment he saw you, he showed desperation, he called too much, took you out at every turn, found ways to make you happy every single time, spoiler alert, he is just using you for bragging rights.

He never mentions the future

He won’t because he knows there is none between both of you.

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