What Being a Single Lady Will Teach You About Life


You cannot afford not to be single at some point in your life, the only difference is that for some, the duration is longer than others. Singleness is that point where you realise your full potential and explore the awesomeness of being you.

Here is what being single will teach you about life

You have time to keep fit

Yes, might sound lame but hear me out, when you are single, you get to focus on yourself and what you look like without any form of gratification from the opposite sex. This self-conciousness will open you up and allow you to pay more attention to your health and fitness.

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Without the stress that comes with building and maintaining a romantic relationship, not to talk of the time that goes into long phone calls and dates, you will have time for other hobbies like reading more, writing more often, painting, knitting and what have you.

Focus on your career

You also get to completely focus on your career without the hassle of having to bend it to fit another person. If you are dating a guy that wants to relocate after marriage, you have to ensure your career goals also fit into all those demands. I know a girl that relocated to Qatar after marriage and had to become a houswife. Think about it

Personal Growth

Being single will help you pay attention to your own personal growth and development as an individual. On the long run, the lucky man who comes along will be grateful for it.

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