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3 African Menstruation Myths Busted

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3 African Menstruation Myths Busted

As a millenial African woman, growing up, you must have heard several myths about menstruation and different dos and don’t that are not scientifically proven. As Africans, we are already used to the talk and gist about what happens during periods and certain things you shouldn’t do.

Well, here are three African Menstruation myths busted.

Keep it a secret

As a young girl, you are asked to never tell anyone you are on your peroid, because for some reason, it must be kept a secret. So you grow up with the belief that menstruation must be kept a secret. Never mention the word pad or tell anyone it’s your time of the month in public. Our mothers insist on it in a way that baffles as if the moment you say it and people hear, especially men, you period will cease to flow. So call it, the visitor or its my time of the month. Well hey, it’s not true. Never be afraid to say it in public.

I’ve seen women who keep it a secret at work to the extent that when they start feeling any menstrual cramps, they suffer in silence because their male collegues and supervisors must not know that the unthinkable is happening to them. Many women have denied themselves adequate medical treatment or some time off because they are afraid to admit and declare that they are on their period.

Busted, this is simply a myth, nothing will happen to you, your peroid or your body when you say it out.

Missed Menstration equals pregnancy

We have all seen movies that depict missed periods as pregnancy. Like every single time, you miss your period and even if you are not having sex, you are definitely pregnant. Aunty, this is not true. I had a friend that missed her period for two months and she was not pregnant, she was just stressed. So hey, stop believing this myth. You have to take an actual pregnancy test to determine whether you are pregnant or not, it is not determined by the number of times, you miss your period.

You cannot get pregnant during your period

This is a big lie because it is possible for ovulation to occur during your period therefore it is possible for you to get pregnant when you have your period.

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