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3 Early Relationship Red Flags You Should Avoid

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3 Early Relationship Red Flags You Should Avoid

Finding the one can be tasking but once you find them, it is bliss all the way. However there are relationship red flags you ought to avoid because once you start noticing these red flags at the beggining of the relationship, know that you are in for a long ride filled with sadness and heartache.

They Shut Down

If he shuts down everytime you want to have a meaningful conversation, then don’t bother. That relationship might go sour very soon. You both have to be able to communicate with each other in words and action. You both have to know the deepest thoughts of each other so that you can get to know and predict the other person. No one else in your life is expcted to know you to that extent.


If the guy feels entitled, just walk away. An entitled guy will always make you feel you owe him something he will never be able to quantify. Yes, he won’t be able to tell you directly but he will act it everytime.

Attention Hungry

A relationship with an attention hungry guy cannot last. He will get jealous when you direct your attention somewhere else. It is a me me me all the time thing. You are expected to spend all your spare time and every other thing with him. He is never satisfied with any other thing.

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