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3 Life Lessons Every Lady Should Learn from Davido’s Nwa Baby

davido nwa baby

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3 Life Lessons Every Lady Should Learn from Davido’s Nwa Baby

davido nwa baby

The 30 Billion Boss, Davido himself has released another blockbuster music video, pardon my french titled “Nwa Baby,” the song tells the story of a gangster armed lady who locked up Davido’s heart, used him for her personal gain and eventually let him go when lost interest in him.

As ladies, we tend to be so clingy we forget that we actually hold the keys to a guy’s heart. Now I am not saying you should use and dump a guy, that is just absolutely savage.

Men often make us think that they make the rules and they can do whatever in a relationship, when in actual reality, we hold the keys to their hearts and there is absolutely nothing anyone can do about it.

“What is my, what is my crime?
Buy you don thief my, don thief my heart
What if I, what if I die?
You must be a bomb o, you blow my, you blow my mind
No be my, no be my mind
But you don change my, don change my plan”

Nwa Baby held Davido’s heart in such a way that she even got him to drive the getaway car when she robbed a store, she was so bold and assertive to the extent that she was not afraid to dance Shaku Shaku at a local bar in broad daylight and at the end, she knew it was time to cut it off and move on.

First lesson

When a man is truly in love with you, he will do anything for you but to get there, you have to make him love you. You have to be amazing enough to make him love you.

Second Lesson

Fear will not get you anywhere, be bold and assertive, never be afraid to take what you want. I am not saying take up armed robbery, I am just saying don’t be afraid to go after what you want. A lot of you are still stuck in jobs you hate because of fear, don’t let fear eat you up. Make a boss move today and be grateful forever.

Third lesson

Know when to cut a guy off, yes a lot of you are still in abusive relationships because you couldn’t figure out when to cut the guy off. Cut him off if you have to, you will be better for it in the end.

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