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3 Reasons Why Every Teenager in Port Harcourt Should Attend #CodeStudio

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3 Reasons Why Every Teenager in Port Harcourt Should Attend #CodeStudio

#CodeStudio6, which is the sixth edition of the coding camp organized by TeenCoders, will feature hands-on practical computing projects by teenagers including mobile apps programming, codeless website development, 3D cartoon animation and lots more.

 TeenCoders have been able to hold this camp every holiday for the past two years. Within this period, they have trained more than 2,000 teenagers, drawn from Port Harcourt, Lagos and Abuja.

One key challenge in organizing camps of this nature has been sustainability, funding, locations, equipments and facilitators but this year, the camp #CodeStudio6 is organized in partnership with other IT companies in Port Harcourt. They include Ipage Technologies, Sowa Systems Technology, Classic Web Host, Wisdom To Wealth Foundation, Kids-Ville Academy, Divad Technologies, SynergyPHCity etc.

Here are three reasons why every teenager in Port Harcourt should attend #CodeStudio

It’s a global shift.

Today, 12% of all job openings and 17% of all new wages in the developing world are in computing fields. And aside from the jobs, nations broadly realize that computer science is increasingly foundational to ALL 21st century careers.

Many developed countries are aware of this and consciously putting up positional strategies. For example, to solve this challenge in the US, on April 26, 2016, America’s leading CEOs, 27 governors, and more than 100 educators raised $48 million in private contributions, and sent an open letter to Congress, asking for funding to provide every student in every school the opportunity to learn computer science.

Three-quarter of Nigerian schools offer computer studies not computer science.

The Nigerian primary and secondary school curriculum focuses more on computer studies than computer science. The curriculum of developed nations is computer science.

Computer science teaches kids how to create solutions using computer programs. Computer studies teach kids how to use solutions that are created using computer programs. If we continue as consumers of technology, by teaching our kids computer studies, we will continue to be dependent on expatriate, foreign support and international provisions to solve our local ICT problems.

To increase the number of girls and disadvantage kids in (Science Technology Engineering and Maths) STEM and computer science fields.

To increase the number of girls to 30% within the next 9 months.





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