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3 Things Every Employee Should Learn from Olajumoke Orisaguna

olajmoke orisaguna employee

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3 Things Every Employee Should Learn from Olajumoke Orisaguna

olajmoke orisaguna employee

Olajumoke Orisaguna’s story will never be forgotten. Decades from now, Nigerians will still talk about the bread seller that became a star. In one moment, her life was transformed and she became an overnight celebrity, the classic Nigerian dream.

As her story unfolds, there are 3 things every employee ought to learn from Olajumoke’s story.

Hard Work

She didn’t sleep in the comfort of her home that morning saying she wasn’t going to hawk bread. She woke up and despite the fact that she was feeling sleepy as usual, she balanced the plank on her head and she hit the road.

If you have ever observed bread hawkers, you will know their modus operandi. Early in the morning by 5 am, they are up, by 6 am, they will hit the road going from street from street advertising their bread.

After selling the bulk of the loafs for that day, they rest for a while then in the evening, they will pick up the unsold loafs and hit the streets again. This is the cycle every day and this is one of the amazing things every employee should learn from Olajumoke.


Resilience is the reason why even of the stress is out of this world, we do it anyway. Resilience is the reason why despite the traffic and the stress, we still wake up in the morning to head to work. Resilience is the reason why we are extraordinary women. Resilience is what we should all learn from Olajumoke Orisaguna.

Despite all the hardships that come with street hawking, she still finds the strength in her spirit to work hard to feed her family. This is the spirit every employee should inculcate, the spirit to always be resilient no matter what happens.


Loyalty is the key to succeeding in any endeavor. They say anything you find yourself doing is worth doing well. That means that the job you are doing no matter the circumstances you find yourself deserves the best of you. Olajumoke was just a bread seller and even after her overnight fame, she still acknowledged the Bakery she used to work for. That is what shows that one is a good employee, loyalty even after you have found greener pastures, always remain loyal.

Loyalty + Resilience + Hard work are the 3 Things Every Employee must learn from Olajumoke.






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