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3 Vital Money Habits Every Woman Should Know

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3 Vital Money Habits Every Woman Should Know

Money habits go a long way in wealth acquisition. Practising effective money habits will reduce the strain of financial commitments and help your financial independence.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a career woman, here are three vital money habits that will go a long way in your finances.


Yes save, you must have heard this over and over again but keeping long term and short term savings for investment is very important. Investment is the key to wealth but you can’t make an investment if you don’t have some form of savings. At least for self starting. Yorubas have an adage that you shouldn’t eat with both hands, so don’t.

Keep an eye on your spending

We have a habit of walking into stores, buying things and discarding the receipt because well, you have spent the money is not a good habit. Know the prices, make budgets and keep to it. Don’t spend without thinking about each penny spent. Always check bill amount.

Make your own food

This might not be a possibility every single day but as often as possible, make your own food because you get to save a lot of money when you spend less on eating in Bukaterias and Resturants.

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