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5 Affordable Online Marketing Tips for Small Businesses in Nigeria

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5 Affordable Online Marketing Tips for Small Businesses in Nigeria

Research claims that 9 in 10 Startups are bound to fail, one of the reasons why failure occurs is lack of funds to fuel advertising campaigns and become visible within their niche market.

With the advent of digital marketing, small businesses can now rely on the power of digital media to bring their business to homes of tens and thousands of people.

Business with small marketing capital can rely on online marketing to build a solid online presence. Here are 5 affordable online marketing tips for small businesses in Nigeria.

Create the Right Kind of Content

Content speaks authority and search engines love authority. Content is a very important currency in today’s world of digital marketing. It drives traffic, helps improve ranking, and could potentially help your site convert visitors to customers.

Content must be original and it must contain valuable information your niche market will find useful. Get your headlines right because 80% of the people who read your headlines will keep reading if they like what they see.

Increase Your Social Media Reach

You have to increase your reach in social media. In order to help your small business on social media, you have to invest in both paid and organic methods. You have to know exactly when to post because timing is the key to increase engagement.

If you post at a time people wont be online, that particular content has been wasted, if you post at a time when great minds have gathered online, voila! That is the beginning of your social media success.

Mix the use of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, because each social media platforms have different specializations, which make them unique.

Improve SEO

According to statistics, Search Engine Optimization is important because organic search leads have generated an average of 14.6% close rate. Also, 75% of Google users will simply stay on the first page of the search result.

SEO is also very cost effective, because once you get it right, you really don’t need to engage in all the stress of having an elaborate online marketing budget anymore.

Use influencers

Influencer marketing is relatively new in the range of effective online marketing strategies. Your customers have more chances of hanging around when they have been referred by someone. Influencers can range from bloggers, to famous people on Instagram and what have you. Make a list of your influencers and start leveraging them now.

Use visuals

According to one statistic, the mind processes visuals 1,000 times faster than words. It has been proven that visuals can affect how a person thinks. Addition of visuals can boost a person’s willingness to finish an entire text by as much as 80%. Associating visual images to information improves the retention of data.

There are free design tools online that help you create great visuals like a pro, eg Canva, Infogr etc



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