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5 Simple Instagram Tips to Help Grow Your Business

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5 Simple Instagram Tips to Help Grow Your Business


There are successful female entrepreneurs who have grown their businesses with Instagram. Open your Instagram and check out the long list of Make Up Artists, Wedding Planners, Photographers, Stylists who never stop making all the noise they need to make about their services.

I heard a story recently, a young girl who started out as just an ordinary Make Up artist a couple of years ago now rakes in about N600,000 naira every Saturday. She always has nothing less than three brides to make up.

That is the power of Instagram, after one gig that is picked up by popular handles like @naijaweddings and the likes, people follow her and they check out her pictures and as they say, photos tell a million stories.

So whether you are a Fashion Designer or Retailer, don’t neglect the power of Instagram to help you grow your small business because who says you can’t get 90% of all your customers via Instagram.

Here are 5 simple Instagram tips to grow your small business.

Connect it with your other social accounts

You will get more followers when you connect your Instagram account with your other social media accounts like Facebook or Twitter because what you post on IG will automatically reflect on others. This will increase the visibility of your brand and products or services.

Post What People want to see

It starts with you, what would you like to see on Instagram, sometimes, small business owners think they have to invest in photo shoots to be able to project their brands. Big no, with your phone, you can take good photos and do some light editing and voom, put it up because you can never tell how far one photo can go. Ensure your stream delivers value that people can’t get anywhere else, all boils back to what would you want to see on IG.

Use Hashtags

You can reach even more followers if you use #Hashtags because when people search for anything that is related to your hashtags, your stream would be among the results they get.

Respond to Comments

Don’t ignore your followers, keep the conversation going, the fact that you are a humble person will draw them closer to your brand. Follow people back and you can also connect with them on other social media sites, believe me, this is a sure fire way of gaining loyalty.

Be Consistent

Consistency is key, ensure your audience gets new content from you every time. Don’t post today and abandon your account for the next few months, as often as possible, release fresh content and plug into conversations online.


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