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5 Ways to Use Twitter to Grow Your Small Business

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5 Ways to Use Twitter to Grow Your Small Business


Twitter is the on the go platform for social networking. On Twitter, everyone and anyone is making noise about one thing or the other. From businesses to religious organisations to politicians to government officials, our timelines are getting more and more flooded each and every single day.

Twitter recommends that the best way for small businesses to stand out is to produce sparkling content that speaks to the heart of the user.

Twitter can help you generate more customers who are willing to patronise and engage your brand each and every single day.

Know Your Customers

At one point or the other, you must have filled bank Know Your Customer form. The purpose of KYC is to know who your customers are, what they need and how to best meet their needs. Online we call them audience, you have to find your audience and identify them. Using the Twitter search, the billions of tweets that are sent every week are all available to be searched and sifted through.

The search button will help you find new customers and engage them, drawing them towards your business.

Identify and Connect with Brand Influencers

By identifying and building a relationship with influencers, you can greatly benefit from word of mouth marketing. To find influencers, start by searching for your industry’s keywords and pay special attention to who is getting tweeted about the most. Put them in a list to track what they are tweeting about so as to figure how to plug into the conversation.


Twitter Ads offers many types of advertising, including promoting your account or promoting specific tweets, that you can purchase to reach potential customers who may not yet be aware of your brand. Although it is not a cheap way of getting your business out there, Twitter ads will prove very effective for your small business if you can carve out a small investment to dedicate monthly.

Tap into Hashtags

Hashtags will improve your brands visibility, especially ongoing trends. Hashtags have been described as the little window that connects your brand to the world. Using relevant hashtags related to your industry will make your small business visible when people type into their search boxes.

Create Rich Engaging Content

You have to draw your audience in with reach engaging content, using simple online tools like Canva, you will find free templates that will help you design like a pro. Even the paid templates are not so expensive. With such tools, you really don’t need to burden yourself with the cost of employing a graphic designer.

Photos, Comics, Memes, Short Videos will drive engagement because statistics have shown that people are 3X more likely to engage with Tweets that contain such media.





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