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7 Crazy Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Love You More

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7 Crazy Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Love You More

If not properly fed and cultivated, love can wane and nothing is as bad as waning love in a relationship.

At every step of the way, you have to try your best to discover everything that made you fall in love with him in the first place. Here are seven ways to make your boyfriend love you more.

Be more touchy

Touch him at times he will least expect it, there is something about how you touch a man that makes him wanna devote his soul to you. Once in a while reach into his trouser pocket and feel his warmth, play with your hands on his body and let him feel how much your adore him.

Get his full attention

You don’t always have to recount all the details of your day everytime, you can get his full attention by giving him less and making him curiously probe for more.

Change your looks often

A very popular preacher once said her husband is married to a different woman every month because that is how often she changes her hairstyle and her looks. Let him see different women in you and have more expectations.

Play with scents

Buy seven perfumes if you hve to but playing with scents will definitely revive everything luxurious about your relationship. Let him be able to trace you with good scent when you are together.

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Fill his heart with his stomach

Find a way to his heart with his stomach, feed him good food and he will definitely continue to love you more.

Go on long drives and holidays together

Go on long drives and holidays together, always ensure you have a way of spending time outside the confines of your daily living together.

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Laugh and always be happiness

Happiness brings joy to our hearts and it is also contagious, ensure you wow him with the joy and happiness in your heart, smile, laugh out loud, infect him with glee.

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