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A Yoruba Woman’s Version of Ofe Owerri

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A Yoruba Woman’s Version of Ofe Owerri

A Yoruba Woman’s Version of Ofe Owerri

Some people consider Ofe Owerri as one of the most expensive Nigerian soups. Most cooked by Owerri people, Ofe Owerri is a wonderful soup. I tasted the soup for the first time three days ago and I instantly fell in love.

I wanted more. As a Yoruba woman who loves trying out Igbo soups, my taste bud was ready for more.

After watching Onyx Food Hill video on how to make Ofe Owerri, I dashed to the market and got my ingredients.

Here is a step by step guide on Ofe Owerri.


Cow Meat

Stock Fish

Green and Red Scotch Bonnet

Palm Oil

Dry Fish (Catfish and the likes)


Grounded Crayfish


Igbo Ogiri

Igbo White Cocoyams for thickening

Dry Prawn



Ugu Leaves

Salt to taste ( I don’t add salt to my food but you can add some if you prefer)


I started by boiling the Cocoyam, after boiling it, I used my small mortal and pestle to pound it into a paste.

Then I added the meat, Stockfish, Pepper and seasoning into the pot.

Two cups of water(I still added more water, this is depending on the quantity you want to make)

Let it boil for a while, then add your grounded Crayfish, Prawns and Ogiri.

Let it boil on medium heat, then add Snail and Palmoil.

Next is the Cocoyam paste and little Pepper, if you want it extra spicy.

Next step is the leaves, I used Ukazi, Uziza and Ugu leaves.

Let it boil for about five minutes and there you go.

Please note that this is not a perfect version of Ofe Owerri, I am not a chef.

Now make small Eba and enjoy your meal.

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