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Are You Ready For FIN Connect Lagos?


Are You Ready For FIN Connect Lagos?

Are You Ready For FIN Connect Lagos?

FINsters will get this. The largest gathering of Nigerian women is holding her hangout tomorrow at the Police College.

For the first time in three years, members of the Female in Nigeria Facebook group in Lagos will meet and connect.

The group founder, Lola Omolola will also be available to join the celebrations.

FIN is a women-only support group with a core mission to end the culture of silence. We are a secular, no-judgment community for ALL women regardless of ethnicity, race, sexual orientation or creed.

Nigerian women across the world and in diaspora are members of the group. They share intimate stories and eye opening experiences.

FIN was acknowledged by Facebook Founder, Mark Zukerberg a few years back.

FIN currently has 1,461,798 members. Personally, I have 600 Facebook friends also in the group.

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