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Laila Cadne’s Passion for Beauty Transforms Five Women’s Lives


When life hits hard, we often forget how beautiful we truly are. This is what led a Nigerian based beauty entrepreneur, Laila Cadne to make a
documentary about five market women who share their experiences and the lengths and struggles they go through to provide for their families.  

Laila selected five women in Agege market and she transformed their lives by showing them a version of their beauty they had never seen before.

One of the women said she had not paid attention to herself since her husband died in 2003. The makeover was a reminder to her that she is beautiful inside and out.

The documentary MMA NMA is a story that depicts the beauty, strength, resourcefulness and struggles of the African woman and the quest to remind them of how truly beautiful they are. 

Laila said “In the daily quest for sustenance, so much emphasis is placed on ensuring their families and loved ones are catered for, often to their own detriment. They have no time to look their best or care about their outward appearance and as such the beauty within them goes unnoticed.

The Women

Ajoke Rashidat

Kubirat Sobowole Akinola
Mariam Animashaun
Dorcas Odeyemi
Muyinat Fayii

The Crew

The documentary was brought together by 

Creative Director @ellecadne

Director @LailaCadne 

DOP @ibidunnioladayo 

Full Documentary edited by @babalolafelix

Editor(trailer) @timmydavies_

Full Documentary graded by @princemeyson 

Photographer @emmanueloyeleke

Hair by @megagrowthnigeria @darlingnigeria 

Makeup by @lailacadne, @makeupbykofo and Uju  

Wardrobe @seamstresslagos

Women share views on why they change hairstyles often


Some women in Lagos have said that they changed their hairstyles often because it enhanced physical attributes and contribute to how they looked.

They told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Tuesday in Lagos that it was an important aspect of image transformation because women did not want to have the same look all year round.

Switching hairstyles, they noted, was also important because of the health of the hair, self image, and finances.

According to them, the health of the hair, a couple of hairstyles put pressure on the scalp thereby hindering the growth of the hair and making hair follicles weak.

A Hairstylist and Wigmaker, Busayo Adesoji, told NAN that styles like tight Braids and Dreadlocks could stress the hair and cause weakening.

“If you have a style like braids on, you’ll end up with stressed and painful scalp. There will be a strain on hair follicles which can lead to follicle damage and inflammation.

“A good hair stylist can help to detect when the hair is weak and also make recommendations on the appropriate styles to make,” she said.

She added that protective styles could help to keep the hair in good health.

“I advice my clients that if they will change their style often, they should go for protective styles like Box Braids, Crochet, Bantu Knots, Cornrows, Ghana Braids, Faux Locs and the likes. It not only protects the hair but also helps it to grow longer and stronger.”

She noted that women could do the traditional “Adimole” with their natural hair, then wear a wig.

Box braids are hair braids which are characterised by “boxy” or square-shaped hair divisions. They can also be created by adding in synthetic braiding hair.

This hairstyle is a means of protective styling which are styles that protect hair follicles from damage and promotes hair growth.

Box Braid

A retired civil servant, Toyin Falodun, said that when she was younger, “Adimole” was used to protect the hair and some oils were applied to restore shine.

“Coconut oil and Shea butter work perfectly for the hair. They are natural products that don’t cause damage. I still use them for my daily hair routine.

“This generation should avoid using chemical-based products on their hair. They should also stay away from heat appliances that damage the hair. The long term effects can be heartbreaking,” she said.

For a farmer, Tinuola Adewoyin, who believes that ladies are now going back to styles that were trending in the 90’s: “It’s a thing of joy to see that young ladies have started embracing their natural hair. They have realised how harmful chemicals are to the health of the hair.

“A lot of them now buy locally made products like Shea butter, palm kernel oil and coconut oil for their hair.”

But it is also known that a change of hairstyle can help to boost the self esteem of a woman. and improves her appearance as well as how others perceive her.

Modupeola Adekanye, a student, told NAN that having unkempt and dishevelled hair makes people think you lack proper grooming.

“I don’t want people to see me as that kind of person because it will definitely affect my self esteem.

“When people think you don’t give priority to your hygiene regarding your hair, your confidence in dealing with them will be greatly affected,” she added.

A fashion designer, Tope Olawoore, said she didn’t keep a style on for more than a month.

She said that changing her style often helped her to look different and more confident.

“Apart from being hygienic, I don’t like having the same look on. Changing my hairstyle regularly gives me a totally different look and makes me feel younger.”

A cloth seller, Pelumi Oreofe, said that showing in a public gathering with dirty and smelly hair could be very embarrassing.

“You have all eyes on you and you can’t even talk with confidence. No woman should fall a victim of this.

“When a style is on for too long, the hair starts to smell as a result of sweat and dirt. The scalp should be pampered,” she said.

She added that it was unhygienic for a woman to have smelly hair and that if women couldn’t fix their hair often, they should endeavor to wash their natural hair weekly to keep it fresh and clean.

However, nobody wants be in debt as a result of constant change of looks. Women should consider their finances before changing their hairstyle.

Hairstylist, Joy Alabi, told NAN that women who make expensive styles and wigs don’t come back as often as those who make very cheap styles.

She said that she would not even advise them to change a style they spent a fortune on early.

“When my clients spend as much as N50,000 on a particular style, they don’t come back for a change till about two months.

“They make sure they wear that style for a long period because of the amount they spent on it,” she said.

A caterer, Olajuwon Ebenmosi, said that only ladies who were under pressure from friends would spend a fortune on hair.

“Most young girls want to fix expensive hair and patronise expensive hairstylists. At the end, they start dating men as old as their fathers to achieve their aim.

“It’s okay to look good but don’t put a hole in your pocket in the process,” she said. (NAN)

Independence Day: What You Should Know About Yellow Trumpet, Nigeria’s National Flower


Recently the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle revealed that she had the flower of all 53 Commonwealth countries included in her wedding veil and that was the first time I was hearing that countries have a national flower.

In honour of our 58th independence day, here is what you need to know about the Nigerian national flower.

Costus Spectabilis is the Nigerian national flower. It is also called yellow trumpet.

The flower which is also included in the coat of arms was chosen for inclusion in the coat of arms as it is found all over Nigeria and also stand for the beauty of the nation.

The flowers are painted red in the Coat of arms.

Nigeria is not the only country where the flower is found, it is found from Sierra Leone to Sudan to as far south as Angola and Zimbabwe.

The flowers are showy, yellow, and open singly and die rapidly, but are immediately followed by another. The texture of the flower is soft and thin.

Yellow Trumpet has 109 species and they are closely related to the ginger family.

It is found in wooded grassland and deciduous woodland, occasionally near termite mounds or around rocks.

You can get tips on how to grow and care for the Yellow Trumpet here

Happy Independence Day Nigeria!

The Elevation Church Made for More Women’s Conference Will Set You On Fire


One of the fastest growing churches in Nigeria, The Elevation Church is set to hold her annual women’s conference Made for More starting on Friday, 19th October to Saturday, 20th October.

The conference themed Girl on Fire will host Jumoke Adenowo of AD Consulting Limited, she is an award-winning African architect, entrepreneur and philanthropist.

On its website, the church explained that the conference is for every woman, irrespective of status and age, both within and outside TEC, who wants to find and walk in the fullness of God’s plan in every area of her life It holds annually in the month of October.

The conference will feature an exhibition for women in business, the women in worship session will be an hour of worship led by music mistrels including Sola Allyson, Ella Vibes, Chioma Odimba, Lily Perez.

The real talk segment will also address real issues affecting the lives of women. The good news is you can also register for childcare during the conference.

You can register for the conference here


Toke Makinwa’s Fashion Style is To Die For


Glam icon, Toke Makinwa has a unique fashion style that wows every single day. Fashion wise, Toke never has a bad day because every single day is just as awesome.

Toke is a bestselling author and an award winning multi-media personality. She is also one of Nigeria’s style icons.

We collected a few of her very fashionable outfits on Instagram to inspire you.

All The Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards 2018 Dresses We Loved


The Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards recognizes outstanding achievement in televisionn and film, voted on by the general public.

The 2018 edition which was hosted IK and Minnie Dlamini was held at the Eko Hotel and Suites.

Cobhams, Falz, Adekunle Gold also dazzled the audience at AMVCA 2018 Stage.

Here are a few dresses we loved at the AMVCAs 2018.


Bisola Aiyeola

Nancy Isime

Ngozi Nwosu

Toyin Abraham

Fathia Williams

Stephanie Coker

Here is a list of nominees and winners.

Best Sound Editor

Tatu – Kolade Morakinyo and Pius Fatoke WINNER

Idahaso Trails – Stanlee Ohikhuare

Alter Ego – Zezom Gnawni

Ojukokoro – Dayo Thompson

Hakkunde – James Coon Falcon

Best Picture Editor

Idemuza – Aloaye Omoake

18 Hours – Mark Maina WINNER

Alter Ego – Moses Inwang/Tunde Bakare

Hakkune – Asurf Oluseyi

Hidden – Jibril Mailafia

Best Lighting Designer Movie/TV Series

Tatu – Akpe Ododoru, Tunde Akinniyi WINNER

Kada River – Godwin Gata

Hidden – Agbo Kelly

Lotanna – McBaror

Children of Mud – Sunday Olalekan

Best Cinematography Movies/TV series

Tatu – Akpe Ododoru

Idemuza – Dickson Godwin

T-Junction – Lester Millado

The Torture – Rwamusigazi Kyakunzire

Okafor’s Law – Yinka Edward WINNER

Alter Ego – Bishop Blunt/Adeoye Adeniyi

Best Costume/Designer Movie or TV Series

Tatu – Yolanda Okereke

Isoken – Jade Osiberu

Potato Potahto – Christie Brown

Hakkunde – Joan Gbefwi

The Bridge – Ngozi Obasi and James Bessinone WINNER

Best Short Film/Online Video

The Housewife – Jay Franklin Jituboh

Tolu – Nadine Ibrahim

Penance – Micheal Ama Psalmist’ Akinrogunde WINNER

Lodgers – Ken Ogunlola

Tanwa, The Child We Wanted – Adenike Adebayo

Best Documentary

The Flesh Business – Dennis Wanjohi WINNER

Nightfall in Lagos – James Amuta

God’s Wives – Bolanle Olukanni

Omidan, Styles Defunct by Ayaworanho3d – Aderemi Davies

Calabar Carnival: What the People Think – Oghenefego Ofili

Best Make-Up Artist Movie/TV Series

Tatu – Thelma Ozy Smith, Hakeem Effect Onilogbo WINNER

Ojukokoro – Sandra Oyiana

What Lies Within – Cynthia Ububa

Disguise – Hakeem Effect

Lotanna – Nnenna Emekalam

Best Art Director

Isoken – Jade Osiberu

Tatu – Don Omope, Yolanda Okereke, Segun Arinze, Tolu Awobiyi

Children of Mud – Imoh Umoren

Lotanna – Tunji Afolayan WINNER

Idahaso Trails – Stanlee Ohikhuare

Hidden – Jibril Mailafia

Best Soundtrack Movies/TV Series

M0 – Tom Koroluk

Banana Island Ghost – Enyi Omeruah and Funbi Ogunbanwo

Bella – Andrew Ahuura

Tatu – Evelle WINNER

Idahosa Trails – Oriri Osayamore

18 Hours – Jacktone Okore

Dry, Oily or Combination? Know your Skin Type by taking this simple test


There are three different types of skin and one person can have more than one skin type.

Dry Skin

Dry Skin is just as described, dry. It may feel flaky throughout the day and it is usally caused by several factors which include genetics and the environment. How much water you consume can also contribute to your skin type. Dry skin can also be caused by dehydration so drink up!

Normal/Combination Skin

Combination Skin means having dry skin in some areas of your face and oily skin in others. typically, there’s a mix of oily and dry areas on different parts of your face, with the t-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) being slightly to very oily.

Oily Skin

Oily Skin usally looks younger because it is less prone to wrinkles. Although his skin type is also prone to PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) which can leave dark spots after breakouts.

Now that you know about the three different skin types, here is how to test your skin type thanks to Tatcha

The Bare-Faced Method

Cleanse your face thoroughly and gently pat dry. Leave your skin bare. After 30 minutes, examine your cheeks, chin, nose and forehead for any shine. After another 30 minutes, evaluate whether your skin feels parched, especially if you smile or make any other facial expressions. If your skin feels tight, your skin is likely dry. If there is noticeable shine on your nose and forehead, your skin is mostly likely normal/combination. If there is shine on your cheeks in addition to your forehead and nose, you most likely have oily skin.


How to apply perfume to make it last all day


Smelling good all day has been scientifically proven to increase our mood and overall performance throughout the day. You don’t need to carry your perfume to make it last all day, you can achieve that by properly applying your perfume in pulse points where it will last.

Here are the optimum body areas and pulse points you should apply your perfume.


Mist your perfume into a comb and run it through your hair. Don’t apply directly because the alchohol content in the perfume will dry your hair.


Spray the perfume behind your hair lobes. The body is warmer here and it will enhance the frangrance.

Collarbone, Neck, Shoulders and Back

You can maximise the power of your perfume by allpying it to your collarbone, neck, shoulders and back.


Apply frgrance to your wrists, they also serve as a pulse point.

Inside Elbows

The inside elbows also serve as a pulse point.

Behind Knees

The back of your knees are also a pulse point.


Your feet is constantly in motion so keep it moisturised.

Belly Button

If you heat up, the fragrance in your belly button doesnt dry out.


Clothes have a way of retaining fragnances.



Why every woman should always use a Deodorant


You cannot underestimate the importance of using deodorants. Every hour we spend awake is dependent on our wellbeing and deodorants play a vital role in our wellbeing as women. While deodorants can seem like a way to get rid of body odour and smell nice all day, there are other vital benefits you should be aware of.

Prevention of bacterial growth in the armpit

When you wear deodorant, the sterilising ingredients in the deodorant kills any bacteria found in the armpit. It also prevents the formation of any bacteria that will have a negative impact on the health of your skin.

Removes bad smell

Sweating can make you uncomfortable especially due to its bad smell. Once you start sweating, the next thing to consider is having your bath, however with a deodorant, you can get through all the stress of the day without necessarily worrying about how you smell.


Deodorants keep you refreshed all day, no matter how exhausted you are, deodorants will help improve your mood and ready to face the day.

Quick Fact: The first commercial deodorant, Mum, was introduced and patented in the late nineteenth century by an inventor in United States, Edna Murphey.

Adesua Etomi stikes an alluring pose for Genevieve Magazine July Cover



Adesua Etomi Wellington graced the cover of Genevieve Magazine July Edition and she was absolutely stunning.

I really loved the cover of the digital edition.

In an Instagram post, the magazine wrote The life of an actor is very unpredictable. One moment you are riding high on the frequency of acting jobs that you are booking, the next you’re two full months into a drought – no auditions, no booked roles. It lifts you up and can very quickly humble you. But what if you’re just consistently booking increasingly significant roles?
In this issue our Cover Girl @adesuaetomi, shares her thoughts on married life, space
travel and so much more!

Adesua Etomi is a Nihgerian actress. She starred in her first feature film Knocking On Heaven’s Door.

She also won the Best Actress in A Drama award at the 2016 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards for her role in the 2015 romantic drama film Falling.

She is married to popular singer Bankole Wellington.

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