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Meghan Markle and the Queen are besties! Photos from first royal engagement together is so adorable


Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry’s bride, Meghan Markle took the royal train with The Queen of England the first time yesterday evening and the pair met a Syrian settlement group learning craft works and local theatre.

They were both all smiles as they arrived at the Storyhouse library, theatre and cinema which has attracted more than a million visitors in its first year.

Duchess of Sussex dazzled in a cream dress by Givenchy, the same designer who created her breathtaking wedding dress.

She also accessorised with a simple black belt at the waist and carried a simple black bag that doubles as a clutch.


Visors are the new fashion trend


We recently spotted two celebrities wearing Visors.

First was Tiwa Savage and then Toke Makinwa.

They both perfectly paired their Visor with comfortable clothing.

For years, celebrities all over the world have been settling for Visors on bright sunny days.

Visors protects the eyes, such as shading them from the sun or other bright light or protecting them from objects.


Diva, Wanna Be Young Forever? Try the ageless miracle of African Black Soap


African black soap is known for having skin nourishing benefits due to an abundance of antioxidants.  The soap is made from the ashes of plantain skin, cocoa pod and palm leaves, and palm oil from leaves or kernels.

7 Ways African Black Soap Benefits the Skin

Protects Against Aging

Antioxidants in black soap protect the skin from free radical damage, which is a cause of premature skin aging, wrinkles and facial lines.

Improves Skin Tone

Black soap firms and tones skin and improves skin texture, for more supple and glowing skin.

Fades Skin Discolorations

Black soap helps even out and fade brown spots and discolorations.

Reduces Inflammation and Skin Irritations

Black soap helps reduce inflammation and skin irritations. It is soothing on dry and irritated skin, relieving dry patches, rashes and red areas.

Helps to Heal Problem Skin

It eases the symptoms of skin conditions like acne.  Users have said that black soap helps lessen, treat and clear acne, gets rid of blackheads, psoriasis and eczema.

Has Deep Cleansing Action

Black soap has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties and is great for deep pore cleansing. It also is effective at removing makeup because of the oils and butters.

It’s an Effective Exfoliant

The ashes in black soap provide exfoliating properties to remove dead skin cells and thereby improve fine lines, soften and rejuvenate rough skin.

Here is What No One Told You About Tumeric


Turmeric is long known as a blood purifier and is known for its properties of giving a natural glow and radiance to the skin.

It has antibacterial and anti-ageing properties.It is used as ayurvedic herbs for skin diseases. It helps reduce blemishes, acne, inflammation of the skin, pigmentation and helps prevent many skin ailments. It also slows down the skin ageing process and acts as a healer of the skin.

To brighten skin, you can form a paste by mixing turmeric powder and rice powder together using raw milk and tomato juice.

Apply this paste on face and neck for 30 minutes. After that rinse off with lukewarm water. You can use also turmeric in the form of night cream. Prepare a paste of turmeric and milk or yoghurt. Apply this mixture on face and allow it to dry. Leave it overnight. In the morning wash off the mask using a gentle cleanser. Yorubas call it ata ile pupa.

I have been using Tumeric in my skincare routine for over six months. It is my go to product when making natural skincare products.

This post was originally published on our Facebook group, All Natural Bodycare


How to Properly Wear Ripped Denim


This is a fashion faux pas, no one should ever be seen dressing like this in public.

Here are 8 pictures that reveal the many ways to properly wear and pair ripped denim.

Hang around, number 5 is a blast.

Number 1

Number 2

Number 3

Number 4

Number 5

Number 6

Number 7

Number 8

News Flash: Your Smartphone is the Filthiest Thing in Your Handbag



According to a 2010 study by a UK magazine, the average smartphone has 18 times more potentially harmful bacteria on it than the flusher on the toilet in the average public restroom.

Yup, you heard right. As women we like to act as clean freaks so I can imagine how disappointed you are right now. So how did your phone become so dirty?

Our smartphones are hot spots for germs not only because we constantly clutch at them with our filthy hands, but because we pass them around to all our friends who also touch it with dirty hands.

We never clean them, we store them in warm places, pouch, phone cover, 360 protector, you name it and we cannot stop using our phones especially while doing the business in the toilet.

The average smartphone carries 11,020 germs per square inch — and in some tests, one in six randomly selected phones had fecal matter on it.

Some microbiologists also warn that between 20 and 30 percent of infectious diseases can be transferred from fingertip to phone glass, where the microbes can survive on your phone for several days at a time.

Your phone picks up germs from your mouth, nose, and ears when you use it. You also probably place it on dirty surfaces, like your desk at work (which contains 79,000 germs per square inch on your computer alone), your germ-ridden kitchen counter, your purse (a third of purses have been found to carry E. coli bacteria) and occasionally somewhere in your bathroom.

Plus how hot phones get on their own — and how we usually keep them someplace warm, like our pants pocket, our hands, or next to our face — and there you go, ripe conditions for crazy germ growth.

While our phones are covered in germs, most of them are not actually all that dangerous to adults with fully functioning immune systems. A University of Surrey study found that most of the germs on the phones were harmless.

To clean your phone, power your phone down every other day, take it out of its case, and then wipe down the phone and the case with the wipes.

Then wash your hands frequently, this will help reduce the number of germs you carry around. Also avoid passing your phone around indiscriminately.

There you go, Ms. Dirty Phone, your Smartphone just got cleaner.

Why You Should Never Mix Fashion with Studying


The attention given to fashion is getting serious by the day, every lady wants to look good at all cost. The word fashion brings to mind a flash of colour with a dash of glamour.

Fashion this day has been taken to the extreme, ladies use it as a means to express themselves. There is no doubt in the fact that your dressing helps in building your self confidence because when you dress well, you will be well addressed.

A painful aspect of fashion is that students neglect their studies and put more time to looking good like their lives depend on it. Actually, most of them believe their lives depend on fashion “if I don’t look good, I won’t be popular or accepted”.

The saying “there is beauty in simplicity” is not an ordinary saying , some ladies look smarter in simple clothes than in expensive ones.

More time and money should be devoted to academics rather than clothes and make ups.
Ebunoluwa a 200 level student of Philosophy department is used to hiding behind her friends when going in and out of class because she feels she is too simple and not properly dressed. Though a very smart girl, Ebun believes she is not as beautiful as her peers and doesn’t have so much confidence in herself, she has lost her self esteem all in the name of looking good and is now tarnishing a prospect of a bright future.

If you want to be successful in life, your motto should not be fashion but *simple living and high thinking*.

It is however a nice thing to be admired by others, but it becomes bad when it begins to affect our views and manners.

Fashion is not a bad thing so far it doesn’t impact a negative side in us and in others.

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