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3 Cold Sales Prospecting Email Template that Will Land You Your Next Client


Getting customers and clients can be a lot of work sometimes. From attending events to paying for social ads, whoops, the hustle isn’t easy. Truth is you can only get better when it comes to customer acquisition. Time, experience and connections will teach you how to acquire and retain clients who will pay you.

After all, customer is king and no business can survive without paying customers. Here are three cold sales prospecting email template you can use to land your next client. Its cold because you don’t have to worry about an introduction. You can get their email from their LinkedIn profile, Facebook profile, Twitter profile or from a mutual contact or colleague.

Before you start copy pasting, remember to always highlight features, advantages and benefits. Be clear on how your product or service will impact your prospect’s business and keep it simple and distinct.

Template 1: Introduction

Hi (FIRST NAME),My name is (NAME) and I’m with (COMPANY). We work with (INDUSTRY) companies like (ADD KEY INDUSTRY CUSTOMERS).

We take a different approach to growing companies and aren’t like other (COMPANIES IN YOUR NICHE). We move quickly and if we don’t think we can help you, we’ll be upfront about it.

Are you free for a chat (TIME OPTIONS) about (TOPIC)?

All the best,





Template 2: Introduce me to your Colleague

Hi (FIRST NAME),I’m trying to figure out who is in charge of (LEADING GENERAL STATEMENT) at (COMPANY).

Would you mind pointing me towards the right person please, and the best way I might get in touch with them?

Thanks in advance





Template 3: In Case You Need Us



I know that (YOUR PRODUCT) will be able to help (NAME OF YOUR COMPANY) (INSERT HIGH LEVEL BENEFIT HERE). Are you available for a quick call (TIME OPTIONS)?

Thank you,






Templates are curtesy of Sales-I


Take a Break


There is always a need to take a break from the weeks activities. It is a good thing to be diligent to your studies and hardworking but it becomes bad when you begin to work yourself into a pile of dust hoping you would find time to rest during the weekend but weekend rest is never enough.

The need to balance yourself when you notice you are overscheduled is very important.
Overscheduling most times happen as a result of competition, every lady wants to be better than her peers in every aspect and therefore create a tight timetable putting little or no time for rest.

Overscheduled students find it hard to spend time on their own not to talk of hanging out with friends.

The very moment you begin to draw up daily or weekly plans adding little or no time at all for rest, you are overscheduled.

According to health practitioners, students need about 9hours of sleep to be alert and attentive during the day. Lack of enough rest results in fatigue, illness, poor concentration, mood swings and behavioral problems.

*”I derive no joy in having fun with friends or hanging out not to talk of sitting idle in the sport center and watching athletes train, I prefer to spend my time on the internet learning new things or reading my books”*Beatrice a 300 level student of Mass Communication department said. Beatrice lives her life in a serious manner meaning she is overscheduled, she shut herself from every class group and leaves immediately a class ends, she is not ready to mix up because she feels it is a waste of time but health wise she is harming herself.

Students actually need time to be alone with themselves, learn about themselves and see things from a different perspective, but there is always the need to be in company of other people instead of overscheduling yourself. This will help honour time and protect it to stay in balance.

How to Be a Successful African Woman


Successful people do not sit in a spot and expect good things to come their way, they work their way to success. The road to success is rough therefore to attain that goal of yours, you have to work really hard, only through hard work and determination can one reach the top.

Discipline is the first thing to take to heart, one has to stay disciplined and study hard to reach that rank. The best students in class would not be the best if they are not well disciplined with their studies. A successful students shuns every form of distraction.
Recently, my friend and I decided to eat in an eatery after several hours of study, she didn’t have much on her so I decided to save money, I ordered for something cheaper than what i wanted, that got me thinking ” what exactly do we settle for in our lives because they seem easier or cheaper than what we really want?”

The truth is, to reach the top or attain your goal, you have to go for what motivates you, do not settle for less. Think about what motivates and drives you, what makes you feel fulfilled.
Also, be aware of your value and purpose. Everyone is created differently, never try to be like someone and never compare yourself to someone else. Be the best at who you already are, ‘follow you passion’ that’s the word.

Life is hard and nothing of value is ever handed to us. Pain and discomfort are part of the process. Learn to struggle and never feel entitled to anything you did not swear or struggle for “your struggle builds your muscle”. Push past your fear, never use excuses and learn to roll up your sleeves.

Utilize materials that helps expand your knowledge base. Do well to also take advise from those at the top, that will force you to push yourself harder to reach the top.
Always go for your goals and never settle for second best.
Next time, I’ll order what i really want to eat.

More so, everyone has that talent that is untapped, make use of it.
Winners would always be winners because they do what winners do. No winner is a victim of circumstances because they take circumstances as new opportunities. The difference between the winner and the loser is not intelligence but drive and initiative.

No matter how scared a successful person might be, he makes sure he achieve his goal ‘do it scared’ and by doing it, you will create a momentum that will lead to progress and results.
Everyone wants to see himself or herself at the top, they want to succeed by hook or crook, but dubious means would do you no good, like I said earlier, only through hard work and determination can you reach the top therefore work hard, think high and dream big.

Ladies! Six Lies You Should Never Tell Yourself


Many a times, you tend to be too hard on yourself as a lady and say so many negative things to yourself. When you tell yourself a lot of negative things, you begin to believe them. You know these things are not true and you shouldn’t give in. The best thing you can do to yourself is to see the best in you.

Lie # 6: I have a bad posture

Most girls are too conscious of themselves especially when they walk with their peers, they think their steps are horrible, their posture is nothing to write home about. The answer is simple, stand up straight and keep that confidence going strong.

Lie # 5: No one wants to be my friend

This is actually the biggest lie you would tell yourself. There is always someone out there who admired you and wants to be like you. “I never knew someone liked me this much to the extent of wanting to be my friend” Simi, a final year student of political science once said to me after being told her attitude was loved . Never call yourself a loner, try meeting new people, there are people out there that share something in common with you.

Lie # 4: I’m not smart

There is no “madam perfect” out there, everyone has their flaws. Nobody is good at everything. I realized during a discussion test that the smartest girl in my class was never really smart, she worked her way into making everyone believe she was that smart. When you find yourself struggling with a course, never be too proud to ask for help, you would be helping yourself, and who knows, you could also be helping that person helping you help yourself.

Lie # 3: I’m not attractive

Common, why focus on the negative. The calendar models you see here and there are not the real them, never think they are perfect. Look for that positive thing in you, your good legs, your flawless face, your contagious smile or your perfect eyes.
Remember, you are wonderfully and beautifully made by God.

I never believed I was beautiful until an admirer(My crush) told me I had always been his secret admirer, trust I felt so good. But never wait for someone to tell you how beautiful you are, always believe you are beautiful. Say to yourself I AM BEAUTIFUL.

Lie # 2: I am too short or too tall

Why complain about your height? Do you want to be short of you are tall or vice versa? It’s all the same, no matter the height, you can’t control it, never allow others intimidate you with their height, you will always be the perfect you. “LOVE YOURSELF”.

Lie # 1: No one understands me

Do you really care if someone understands you? Why care so much about something you should give little or no thoughts to. The fact is you understand yourself, so with that, it is left to whoever wants to understand you . I will always repeat, ” the best person you can always be is you”

Why You Should Consider Social Media Customer Care


Social media customer care is simply a way of handling customer service over social channels like Facebook, Twitter, etc which leads to amplification of  your customer service story. recently created an infographic on how to effectively optimise social media customer care. This Infographic Presents the Importance and Benefits of giving attention to the compliments on the Social Media for Businesses.

Women’s Economic Empowerment is Pre-condition for Achieving Gender Equality – UN Panel


The UN Secretary-General’s High-Level Panel (HLP) on Women’s Economic Empowerment has said that women’s economic empowerment is precondition for achieving gender equality all over the world.

The event titled, “Accelerating Women’s Economic Empowerment to achieve the 2030 Agenda” was co-hosted by the Group of Champions of Women’s Economic Empowerment, led by the Government of Costa Rica and the United Kingdom, together with UN Women and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in New York.

While speaking at the event, Olga Sanchez, Minister of National Planning and Economic policy of Costa Rica, said: “We need to pay special attention to the economic empowerment of women in vulnerable sectors. Women’s economic empowerment is a clear pre-condition to achieving gender equality, and that is why urgent action is needed in this area.”

Investing in women’s economic empowerment sets a direct path towards gender equality, poverty eradication and inclusive economic growth. Yet, women around the world remain disproportionately affected by poverty, discrimination and exploitation. Only 50 per cent of women of working age are in the labour force, compared to 77 per cent of men. Women are more likely than men to work in the informal economy. Women also bear the disproportionate burden of unpaid care work, doing on average three times as much unpaid care and domestic work as men.

The UN Secretary-General’s High-Level Panel on Women’s Economic Empowerment was established in January 2016, was tasked with developing actions and recommendations to address these structural challenges.

What You Should Know about World Bank’s Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative (We-Fi)


World Bank recently announced the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative (WE-Fi) set us to unlock the potential of women entrepreneurs by enabling more than $1 billion in financing to improve access to capital, provide technical assistance, and invest in projects and programs that support women and women-led SMEs in World Bank Group client countries.

According to World Bank, “the goal of the facility is to leverage donor grant funding of over $325 million and mobilize more than $1 billion in international financial institution and commercial financing, by working with financial intermediaries, funds, and other market actors, potentially through similar models as the International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) Women Entrepreneurs Opportunity Facility/Banking on Women program.

“The We-Fi facility will work to break down barriers to financial access and provide complementary services such as capacity building, access to networks and mentors, and opportunities to link with domestic and global markets as well as improving the business environment for women-owned or women-led SMEs across the developing world.”

No doubt, women entrepreneurs play a critical role in economic development by boosting growth and creating jobs, particularly for the poorest forty percent of the population.

However, women entrepreneurs face numerous challenges to financing, owning, and growing a business, including limited access to capital and technology, a lack of networks and knowledge resources, and legal and policy obstacles to business ownership and development.

You can find more details about the finance initiative here .

Understanding the Power of Personal Connections

the power of personal connections

the power of personal connections

In life or in business, personal connections are the guys who will help you to be better at everything you do. The power of your personal connections cannot be overemphasized, especially when you have business partners.

The sum of all your personal connections is the best footing your business will ever have. Recently I attended a Workshop organized by GIST Women’s Village . We were a collection of 30 female entrepreneurs running businesses in Nigeria. The entire Workshop was based on a book titled Who is in your Personal Boardroom?: How to choose people, assign roles and have conversations with purpose written by Zella King and Amanda Scott .

That is me on the extreme right. I was observing the white board.

That is me on the extreme right. I was observing the white board.

Using methods clearly explained in the book, we were taught how to identify people in our personal networks and the roles they play in our lives and in our business.

As explained on the website, When people think of networks and networking in a professional context, they tend to think about conversations with strangers, exchanging business cards and adding connections on LinkedIn.

 We argue there is more value in focusing on a few important people who can truly help you succeed, and investing time in those relationships. We call that small group of people your Personal Boardroom.

 Purpose is important because it makes the ‘ask’ more contained. People respond better to specific requests than open-ended ones, and because it’s clear what they are being asked to so, it’s easier for them to say yes. Respecting people’s time and their boundaries is essential to good relationships in today’s busy world.

 A chat over coffee may be all that’s needed.

There are 12 roles in your personal boardroom and they include information roles, power roles and development roles.

Information roles

Customer voice – someone who helps you understand markets, customers and business opportunities

Expert – someone who gives advice based on their sector or challenge-specific expertise

Inspirer – someone who inspires new ideas and brings fresh thinking

Navigator – someone who can tell you who you need to know and who does what

Power roles

Unlocker – someone who provides access to resources (e.g. money, data, people’s time)

Sponsor – someone who speaks out to endorse you and your ideas to senior or important people

Influencer – someone who works behind the scenes to win support and helps you get things done

Connector – someone who makes introductions and connects you with people who can help you

Development roles

Improver – someone who gives candid, constructive feedback on your performance and development

Challenger – someone who challenges your decisions and thinking and helps you see your errors and blind spots

Nerve-giver – someone who strengthens your resolve at difficult times and gives you a sense of purpose

Anchor – someone who keeps you grounded and holds you to account for the balance between your work and the rest of your life

Using the 12 Personal Boardroom roles as a guide, you can better identify specific roles people play in your life and how to maximize them.

Truth is, there are people who are already playing these roles, now you can better pin their functions down and utilize their positions.

Your personal boardroom isn’t stagnant; every day you meet people who have the potential to fill these roles for you.

Personal Connections are gold, ensure you always value them.


Business Partnerships: How to Solve the Biggest Problems with Sales and Marketing



The biggest challenge business partners face is sharing sales and marketing roles especially if you are a small business with a small number of employees or no employees at all.

Sales and marketing are closely intertwined and most people don’t know the difference between the two. Diffen does a good job of explaining the difference between sales and marketing.

Marketing is the systematic planning, implementation and control of business activities to bring together buyers and sellers. The overall focus of marketing is to promote, distribute, price products/services; fulfill customer’s wants and needs through products and/or services the company can offer.

Sales is a transaction between two parties where the buyer receives goods (tangible or intangible), services and/or assets in exchange for money and it can also be an agreement between a buyer and seller on the price of a security. The overall focus of sales is to fulfill sales volume objectives.

The first step is to identify each other’s strength and weaknesses. Here is an example, Lade and Ngozi decided to form a partnership for their Pedicure and Makeup business. Lade is very good at spreading the word about her products and services while Ngozi knows how to clinch a sale.

How do they both share marketing and sales of the business? Obviously, Lade will stick to her niche which is marketing and Ngozi will also stick to her niche which is sales.

As long as both partners understand how to strengthen the marketing and sales function, their partnership is well on its way to financial excellence.

Here are four strategies for strengthening marketing and sales partnership.

Always put the customer first

The most important part of your business is your customer, and after all the rat race of marketing and sales, everything still boils down to your customer, so ensure that understand who your customer is, how he or she interacts with your product and services, when they love to interact with your product and services and why they interact with your product and services. Once you understand every single stage, you can appropriately map out how to share sales and marketing.

Establish Trust

The ingredient for any form of partnership is trust, once two  or more people can learn to trust each other, they are well on their way to success. Just like relationships, ensure that you can keep each other’s best interests in your heart all the time even when the other person is absent. Trust will help you build a profitable business.

Shared Goals

Both partners should have shared goals, there should be no one sided agendas, budget or execution plans. Come up with plans and achieve them together. If there are no shared goals, there will be a disconnect and this will only harm the business.

Embrace a Service Mentality

The bridge between sales and marketing is the service mentality. Your willingness to serve your customer at all times. Your customer needs your product and it is your duty to serve him or her. So always ensure that at the service mentality is at the core of your sales and marketing function.

Communicate Openly and Regularly

Communicate, talk, tell each other everything. Share experiences which marketing, share experiences while sharing. Create an environment that promotes feedback and shared ideas. Don’t hold anything back. Be open!

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