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7 Signs your Boyfriend is cheating on you


Side Chicks have just one purpose in life, to destroy perfectly happy relationships and turn your world upside down. Being cheated on is actually painful so even the slightest inkling shouldn’t be dismissed.

Here are 7 signs he is cheating on you

He goes out more

He is going out with friends you don’t know or he has unusually sudden family emergencies, you have to suspect that something is going wrong somewhere.

He suddenly starts caring about his hygiene

On a normal daym you know what lenght he would go for his hygiene but all of a sudden, he starts showering more or buying more expensive perfume,the question is who is he trying to impress, you or someone else?

Late Working Hours

If he starts working unusual late hours or sporadic days of the week, you have to wonder if he is really working.

Avoiding Intimacy

If he suddenly starts avoiding intimacy with you, that is a huge red flag.


If he is natually selfish and only cares about himself, well, he has a huge tendency to cheat.

He didn’t update his relationship status on Facebook

While this might look completely harmless because he might just be protecting his privacy, you should also be suspicious if he doesn’t acknowledge you in any way on social media.

He suddenly starts lashing out

If he is not the kind of guy who would disrespect you in any way and suddenly, he starts lashing out at you, be sure there is a side chick involved.


Five fun facts about your breasts


We are all obsessed with boobies, for men it has something to do with the fact that they spent the first nine months of their lives suckling from a woman’s boobs.

People love breasts.

Here are five facts about what women carry under their shirts.

Breasts are sisters, not twins

Breasts are not symmetrical. Both breasts are not the same size. The pair is not identical in any way, one is usually larger than the other. A book about breasts posits that one breast may be 1/5 of a cup size larger than its counterpart.

70% of women are unhappy with their breasts

They want it to either be bigger or smaller, they’re are not only unhappy with their breast size, but nipple size, length, areola color and size, breast shape, and symmetry are all factors to consider.

Women always buy the wrong bra size

According to data, 85% of women are wearing the wrong bra size deliberately because they want to appear bigger, or smaller than they actually are.

Boobs are made up of milk and tissue

According to Discovery Health, the majority of the female breasts -pregnant or not- is made from milk and tissue. The majority of the female breast contains anywhere from 15-25 milk glands that interweave with milk ducts and connective tissue.

Breasts can bring you to orgasm

A study suggests that breast and nipple play can get women highly aroused to the point of orgasm and this affectionately referred to as a “nipplegasm!”



4 Signs you’re accidentally cheating on your boyfriend


Where does the line blur when it comes to cheating, what exactly can we describe as cheating, obvioulsly you would say, having a sexual relationship with someelse other than your partner is cheating, but nope that is not the correct answer. With the advent of the internet, social media and messaging platforms, we often cannot correctly distinguish what constitutes cheating.

Here are four signs you are accidentally cheating on your partner

Not stating that you are in a relationship

Not telling people you just met that you are in a relationship will definitely constitute cheating in your partner’s books. It is one major cheating behaviour because guys will definitely make passes at you if they have any inkling that you are single. So, even if you are not wearing a ring, be sure to mention that, hey I am in a serious relationship.

Consuming pornography

Consuming pornography also constitues cheating because when you are in a sexual relationship with someone, only you can get the person’s motor running and vice versa. So the concept of fantasing about others by watching porn is all out cheating.


Flirting with other people also constitutes cheating.  Deliberately wearing seductive clothing to seduce your boss, collegues at work, friends in the absence of your partner is also cheating. Flirting tells guys you are not in a relationship and this often leads to disaster.

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7 Cute things to tell your Boyfriend and make him feel more loved

Social media romances

Because the person you’re talking to is online doesn’t mean that you’re not pursuing a relationship with them. Having romantic conversations, shaing nude pictures, obsesively following other people online by liking their posts and constantly commenting, hiding online conversations from your partner is all part of cheating.


Here is how to make a guy fall for you without any effort


Knowing how to make a guy fall for you is not as hard as writing Cambridge. Learning how to make a guy fall for you is absolutely doable, it might not be magic at first but in no time, you will have him wrapped around your finger.

In order to make him fall for you, no one is saying you should be someone else or pretent to be who you are not, don’t do that. Just try these tips and tricks and let us know the results in the comments section.

Laugh at his jokes

You might not think they are funny but laugh anyway, especially the dry jokes. This will make him feel more comfortable and happy around you.

Show him the real you

Let him fall in love with the realest version of you. In a bid to make a guy fall in love with you, you can decide to pretent to be who you are not but this is wrong, at the end of the day, he will realise that that is not who you are and this will hurt him. So if you don’t like using make up, don’t apply heavy make up in order to attract him to you, let him fall in love with your face without the make up, then later in the course of the relationship, he might decide to ask you to start wearing make up.

Love yourself first

Think of it this way, you have to fall in love with yourself a thousand times before you can expect someone else to love you. Be confident in your skills and in yourself. How can you expect a guy to fall for someone who doesn’t even trust or like herself.

Express your passion

Be passionate about what you do and who you are, be passionate about your work, let him fall for the fire side of you. As muct as we think men love damsels in distress, men love women who are intelligent and passionate about thieir work. He will respect you for this and respect is hard to buy.

Support him

Once a man realises that you are there for him and you will help him achieve his goals, he will fall for you. Listen to him, advice him, cheer him on. Let him know that you’ve got his back at all times. This will give him the confidence and eventually he will fall for you because you are his greatest cheerleader.



7 unspoken signs and gestures that prove your man loves you


If you want to know whether your man really loves you, stop holding on to the words. Watch his actions, watch his beahviour, this will tell you how much he loves you.

Here are eleven unspoken signs and gestures that prove your man loves you.

He remembers your conversations

A man who truly loves a woman will always remember their conversations, it might not be a perfect memory but he will remember the key ingredients of each conversation.


Some ladies learnt the word chivalry for the first time when novelist, Chimamanda Adichie did that interview. Some women don’t like men who are chivalrous but some of us do. Does he treat you like a lady, is he considerate and does he care about your inner and outer happiness?

Does he take care of your needs

Now, most of us will misconstrust this as does he regularly send you a portion of his salary or does he recharge your phone and pay for data, does he give you make up allowance? Guess what, taking care of your needs is none of these things, the real answer is in the little things, does he help you charge your phone when it is low, does he go out to buy fuel because you need to use your laptop or watch a TV show. The tiny little things will tell you how much he loves you.

Are you part of the bigger picture

Most people always think that until he proposes, men never really make a decision to marry a woman. This is completely wrong, a man makes the decision to spend the rest of his life with you, the moment he meets you. He will make you a part of the bigger picture which includes a plan for the future.

You make the important decisions together

You know a man loves you if he values your opinion above all else. He doesn’t just run off and make decisions on his own, he includes you in every part of the decision making eg when to take a professional exam, when to quit his job, how to deal with his terrible boss.

He is protective

Does he wait for you to get to your destination before falling asleep at night, does he call you inbetween trips to know if you have arrived at your destination, does he check up on you to know if you are safe or not. These are tell tale signs that will show you that he cares.

He uses “we” instead of “I”

This is one of the first things I learnt in my realationship and it make me realise that we are in it together, this game called life is for us, not for I or me.



7 Cute things to tell your Boyfriend and make him feel more loved



We often believe that men don’t have a need to be loved and cared for, that those things are only meant for women. Having a one or two romantic compliments to tell your boyfriend can go a long way in your relationship. Aside from the fact that it will help lift his mood at that moment, he will love you more.

Affirmation is one of the five love languages, it helps to increase your feelings for your partner and also increase your appreciation of him.

By telling your boyfriend cute things, he will know you love him. Here are eleven things cute things you can tell your boyfriend and make him feel loved.

Appreciate him for saying cute things to you

Ladies, it is not his right to tell you how beautiful you are, how how lovely your hair looks, appreciate him everytime he gives you a compliment, he will know that you love him and only his compliments mean something to you.

Extend compliments to his friends and family

Let him know that your appreciate his friends and family. How do you feel when he compliments members of your family? You feel elated right, that is the same way he feels when you tell him sweet things about his inner circle. “Dele is so funny, your mum’s hairstyle is lovely,” are just a few examples.

Always remind him about how lucky you are to have him

As often as you can, remind him about how lucky you are to have him. This will make him swell with pride and affection towards you. He will translate this happiness to every other aspect of his life. At the end of the day, this will boost his confidence.

Admit when you are wrong

As the case maybe, don’t always prove Mrs Right, admit you are wrong and tell him he is right. As young women, we always believe that we are right in all situations, but give him a break once in a while.


It’s hard, believe me but it is worth it, in the long run your relationship will be good for it. Don’t hesitate to say I am sorry for your wrongdoing. As hard as men pretent to be, once you say I am sorry, all is forgiven. Just let him know that you are sober and that won’t happen again.

Don’t forget to always remind him why you love him

Don’t wait for his birthday before you remind about why you love him. “I love you” is one of the most powerful words on planet earth. These three words have cause kingdoms to be built and kingdoms to collapse. Don’t be hesitatant to express these words for the one you love.

Share your favourite moments

Your favourite moments are delightful, so don’t forget to share the memories with him, randomly send him pictures and reminders, this will make him happy and feel loved. He will know that these moments mean a lot to you and you will never take it for granted.


Berger to Ajah is not a case of rape


Berger to Ajah is currently trending on Twitter and it all started with a tweet from @OmogeDami who accused @UcheDandyMUFC of raping her friend @B_moree_ who left Berger to Ajah to spend the night with him.

The tweet sums it all up

Rape is a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse or other forms of sexual penetration carried out against a person without that person’s consent. The act may be carried out by physical force, coercion, abuse of authority, or against a person who is incapable of giving valid consent, such as one who is unconscious, incapacitated, has an intellectual disability or is below the legal age of consent.

Note, the word coercion.

“Our abductors handed us over to a woman who specialized in the hotel business, we were made to do prostitution in the hotel, and we received more than 15 men on a daily basis. In the end, the woman that owned the hotel will give us N500.00 daily.”

These are the words of Glory, Idowu and Posi three teenage girls who were raped, made to undergo the act of lesbianism, videotaped and posted on social media has narrated how they were kidnapped on their way from the court and made to engage in prostitution in a village in Ogun State. New Telegraph reports.

Now compare this situation to the Berger to Ajah story. In 2016 alone, there were 150 reported cases of sexual and physical abuse were recorded in Lagos State alone. Rape is under-reported in our society. The stigma and credibility of the accuser is always a barrier to going to the police and pursing legal action.

Anyone that has been raped or was almost a victim of rape knows better than to put themselves in a situation that will lead to rape.

The fear never leaves you, I have female friends who are afraid to be in the same room alone with any man because of the trauma they went through after they were raped as a child.

Now compare this situation to the circumstances @B_moree_  claimed she was raped.

Uche Daniel, the accused while explaining his own side of the story said

You cannot consent to spending the night with a guy who is not your partner and after having sex with him, claim he raped you.

Why would you even go and spend the night there in the first place. Why would you expose yourself like that in the first place?

When I was in secondary school, my father always warned me about going to a male friend’s house. My father would categorically tell you that, you cannot go there and think he won’t make moves to have sex with you. Don’t be delusional.

You cannot force yourself on a man and when it goes wrong, you now start screaming rape and feminism.

Women should stop using that word lightly, because the real victims would never come to tweet about it.

Beger to Ajah is not rape.

Berger to Ajah is not feminism.

Don’t get it twisted.







Here is how to spice up your sex life this holiday


This long weekend is the perfect time to spice up your sex life. Now getting your kink on is the best way to keep him happy, fulfiilled and coming back for more.

Although kink means different things to different people, what can seem hot to one couple can be boring to others, that is why I decided to explore these ideas for both new lovers and seasoned professionals.

Grab a pen and write out the ones you can try out right now.

1. Have a threesome with someone both of you admire or like.

Don’t try this if you are not one to explore but threesomes are cool if you open your mind and try to explore the pleasures of your body.

2. Use a dildo and have anal sex while your man is penetrating your vagina.

It’s called double attack and this can be absolutely mindblowing. Just ensure you use some lube on the dildo and have your man gently insert it in your anus while thrusting into your vagina.

3. Try playing submissive to the kinkiest of commands with your partner.

Yup, add some bdsm to your sex life and this might just be the key to reviving it.

4. Have drunk sex after a wild night of partying.

We all should have drunk sex at least one in a lifetime.

5. Have sex in water, be it a pool or in the ocean.

The water definitely eases the thrusting.

6. Have resistance sex and pretend like you’re being groped and molested.

This is dark and you can only try it if you like restraints.

7. Scratch each other and use your nails. Sometimes, pain can bring more pleasure.

Yup, go fix those awefully long nails and use it to drive your partner crazy.

8. Have sex with the curtains open and get comfortably close to the window.

Shout and let the neigbhours know you are getting your freak on.

9. Finger her under a resturant table or in the cinema.

There is nothing as exhilirating as having her let out those soft moans.

10. Blindfolds will open up your sexy imaginative mind.

The world will be a bit dark with blindfolds but it will open up your sixth sense and this will drive you nuts on bed.

11. Spanking and nibbling

Yup, this can help you reach orgasm in good places.

12. Have tantric sex all night long.

This is super relaxing after a long hard day.


There you have it folks, let me know how you also get your kink on during sex.

A Letter To My Future Wife: Is Gender Equality A Battle Between Males And Females?


It’s been long since I wrote to you. Many are those asking whether I have stopped writing letters to you. This drew my attention to the fact that you are not the only one who has been reading the letters I write to you despite the fact that I always tell you to keep the letters from your friends and course mates.I won’t blame you for making my letters go viral on social media. We are living in an era where letters that are written at night to our loved ones are being brought to the lime light at daytime as a result of rapid growth in technology.

I won’t blame you for making my letters go viral on social media. We are living in an era where letters that are written at night to our loved ones are being brought to the lime light at daytime as a result of rapid growth in technology.

Afia, I write in response to the question you asked a week ago. You asked whether the issue of gender equality is possible in our contemporary world. I will hit the nail right on the head and will be brief as possible. I could feel the pain in your voice when you referred to an incident at Marwako Restaurant where a Lebanese supervisor cruelly dipped the face of a Ghanaian staff Evelyn Boakye in pepper paste. As a matter of fact, it’s always disheartening to hear of such punishments meted out to some women.

Tragic in our permissive society is the amazing frequency and intensity with which some people disregard women. Women in the eye of many, are regarded as the weaker vessels.

Afia, my simple answer to your question is “yes! Gender equality is possible”. I have always held the view that creation would have been incomplete without women in society. Right from creation to our contemporary times, women have proven that they are beyond capable. You proved in the Garden of Eden beyond all reasonable doubt that you can rule and even control men if given the chance.

You demonstrated this by giving the man a fruit of which he could not reject. This is the reason why you do not need to be empowered because you are already powerful. But you should rather be made aware of this strength which you possess as a woman.

In all societies throughout the world, women have risen to occupy key positions to contribute to the development in all facets of life. Women have rubbed shoulders with their male counterparts as engineers, lawyers, ministers of state, teachers, nurses and the high position of the presidency.

The remarkable career success of women across the world is no news to the ordinary Ghanaian. During the period of Nigeria’s struggle for political independence, the positive role played by women like Mrs Flora Azikwe and Margaret Ekpo can never be lost from the memory of their admirers. The unforgettable role played by Yaa Asantewaa in the history of the Ashantis will forever remain fresh in memory. I dare say that her bravery and sheer display of patriotism dwarfed and eclipsed those of her male counterparts. These personalities may be abstract to you. Let me bring you home and cite my mother as an example.  She played the role of a father and a mother by single-handedly taking care of the family.

Afia, men will continue to be men for women to remain women. Don’t misunderstand me. I mean, under no circumstance should females be transformed into males. Our differences as males and females is the cause of our unity.  I hope you do not see me as a chauvinist in the eye of your mind.

To transform a female into a male or the vice versa is to oppose the natural order either by choice or by force. This is where gender equality has been misconstrued. Gender equality is therefore not about “sameness” in terms of sex but about equal access to job opportunities, educational institutions and many more without any segregation based on gender.

Afia, earlier in this letter, I indicated that “Yes! Gender equality is possible”. Every “yes” on planet earth comes with a responsibility. For this revolution to continue to see the light of the day, some negative acts should be eschewed.

Some women accept the juicy opportunity to be half naked or completely naked when they are featured in trending music video of their male counterparts. This act should be consigned into the museum of history. Infact it should be a thing of the past in this 21stcentury. The bitter truth every woman should know is that it is just a cynical ploy on the part of their male counterparts to sell their music to the public.

This act by some ladies will only make women be seen as mere sex objects who are always manipulated by their male counterparts for their personal gains. I believe in a collaborative work especially in this age where fame and money have become the order of the day. But there is always a problem when women have to strip naked in a music video. I see this act, not as creativity but an act to debase the dignity of womanhood.

You are your own woman. I, therefore believe that you will make informed choices anytime the need arises. To be featured in a music video is great and splendid but to be used as an object of sex in that same video should never be an option for any woman in this 21st century.

Afia, it is a truism that what men can do women can do better. Taking cognizance of this dictum, the 21st-century woman should also play lead-role in movies that for a long time have portrayed men as the only heroes and saviours of humanity in all life endeavours. Women should not always be made as the sole beneficiaries of all kind gestures in our movies. There can be movies where men could also be the chief beneficiaries of the good deeds of women. The industry can be rebranded to tell more stories of heroines rather than it always focusing on the bravery of their male counterparts.

Women in the 21st century should be bold to man the affairs of their respective communities and the nation as a whole. The primitive idea that some positions are for only men should be discarded into the dustbins of the Dark Ages.

Afia, I end this letter with the words of one of my finest and prolific writers of all time, the late Efo Kodjo Mawugbe.  In his award-winning book, In the Chest of a Woman, Nana Yaa retorted that “in the chest of a woman is not only the extension of breast and a feeble heart but a flaming desire to possess and use power”.

” Feminism is not about making women strong. Women are already strong. It’s all about changing the way the world perceives that strength”, so says G.D Anderson.

The writer Elvis Effah is a student of University of Cape Coast. He can be contacted via

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