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Didier Drogba creating impact one school at a time


The belief of my foundation has always been if we give children access to health and education, we will build future generations of doctors, scientists, businessmen and women and that is how we build a better Africa.

Former Ivorian international footballer, Didier Drogba recently opened a school build in his region in the village of Onahio Pokou-Kouamekro.

The fully furnished school was built by the Didier Drogga Foundation, with support from Nestle and the International Cocoa Initiative (ICI).

During the event, Drogba reportedly said “We have been working on this project for the last two years and I am very proud to see it completed. The belief of my foundation has always been if we give children access to health and education, we will build future generations of doctors, scientists, businessmen and women and that is how we build a better Africa.

“When I started working with Nestlé. I explained our vision and they have given us great logistical help and support on the ground to make the construction of this school a reality.”

Stanislas Guedj, Country Manager for Nestlé Côte d’Ivoire also added that “We are pleased to collaborate with the Didier Drogba Foundation on this 2-year project because access to quality education is fundamental to securing a better future for children.

“The Didier Drogba Foundation promotes education, sustainability and sports, as a means to help children have a brighter future Nestlé is tackling child labour by building educational infrastructure.”

“The Didier Drogba Foundation has done great work. It is an important asset to building resilient and thriving cocoa growing communities as well as eradicating child labour. Every child’s place is in school.”

It is estimated that only 48.7% of the total population of Ivory Coast is literate (60.8% of males and 38.6% of females). Many children between 6 and 10 years are not enrolled in school, mainly children of poor families. The majority of students in secondary education are male.



Why You Should Never Mix Fashion with Studying


The attention given to fashion is getting serious by the day, every lady wants to look good at all cost. The word fashion brings to mind a flash of colour with a dash of glamour.

Fashion this day has been taken to the extreme, ladies use it as a means to express themselves. There is no doubt in the fact that your dressing helps in building your self confidence because when you dress well, you will be well addressed.

A painful aspect of fashion is that students neglect their studies and put more time to looking good like their lives depend on it. Actually, most of them believe their lives depend on fashion “if I don’t look good, I won’t be popular or accepted”.

The saying “there is beauty in simplicity” is not an ordinary saying , some ladies look smarter in simple clothes than in expensive ones.

More time and money should be devoted to academics rather than clothes and make ups.
Ebunoluwa a 200 level student of Philosophy department is used to hiding behind her friends when going in and out of class because she feels she is too simple and not properly dressed. Though a very smart girl, Ebun believes she is not as beautiful as her peers and doesn’t have so much confidence in herself, she has lost her self esteem all in the name of looking good and is now tarnishing a prospect of a bright future.

If you want to be successful in life, your motto should not be fashion but *simple living and high thinking*.

It is however a nice thing to be admired by others, but it becomes bad when it begins to affect our views and manners.

Fashion is not a bad thing so far it doesn’t impact a negative side in us and in others.

Take a Break


There is always a need to take a break from the weeks activities. It is a good thing to be diligent to your studies and hardworking but it becomes bad when you begin to work yourself into a pile of dust hoping you would find time to rest during the weekend but weekend rest is never enough.

The need to balance yourself when you notice you are overscheduled is very important.
Overscheduling most times happen as a result of competition, every lady wants to be better than her peers in every aspect and therefore create a tight timetable putting little or no time for rest.

Overscheduled students find it hard to spend time on their own not to talk of hanging out with friends.

The very moment you begin to draw up daily or weekly plans adding little or no time at all for rest, you are overscheduled.

According to health practitioners, students need about 9hours of sleep to be alert and attentive during the day. Lack of enough rest results in fatigue, illness, poor concentration, mood swings and behavioral problems.

*”I derive no joy in having fun with friends or hanging out not to talk of sitting idle in the sport center and watching athletes train, I prefer to spend my time on the internet learning new things or reading my books”*Beatrice a 300 level student of Mass Communication department said. Beatrice lives her life in a serious manner meaning she is overscheduled, she shut herself from every class group and leaves immediately a class ends, she is not ready to mix up because she feels it is a waste of time but health wise she is harming herself.

Students actually need time to be alone with themselves, learn about themselves and see things from a different perspective, but there is always the need to be in company of other people instead of overscheduling yourself. This will help honour time and protect it to stay in balance.

What Every Female Student Should Know About Cliques


It is not a rare fact that every girl wants to be accepted, no man is an island so no one can isolate himself. Though you call yourself a loner, there would always be that particular friend you confide in when in need. But it is just so annoying how so many girls want to feel among, the competition is really increasing and every girl wants to be the *QUEEN BEE*, is there a need for that?

Clique, a small exclusive group of people in form of threes or fours or more than. Although these groups have their positive sides, the negative side overshadows it. Members of a clique sometimes have a very shaky self esteem and self confidence and depend on their peers for security.

The 2018 class of Mass Communication department, University of Lagos once had an issue involving cliques. It all started with the anonymous message box ‘saraha’ where everyone is allowed to pour out their minds without being known, there were some nasty comments about a girl always wanting to feel among a clique headed by a beautiful girl nicknamed ‘illy’. The period was a trying one for the girl because no one knew who made the comment but almost everyone agreed to it. The affected girl who is seen as the victim till today lives with the belief that no one wants her friendship and has actually become a shadow of herself.
However, only a few cliques remain friends after adolescent, many of them seem to grow up and leave their friends lagging behind.

There is nothing great about being in a clique. They tend to belittle or intimidate others and also prevent their so called friends from mixing with others.

Moreover, it may feel so good being friends with someone in a clique and knowing what is going on in that clique.

The very naive me always wanted to be friends with some group of friends in my first year, but I always felt like the odd one because I was, I had a bad dress sense and was very committed to sports and academics, but I backed out when I realized I didn’t like being controlled by others and I wasn’t benefiting from them. When you realize you are being controlled by other people, it’s time to move on, spend lesser time with them.
In conclusion, as a lady, you should learn to be yourself, spend more time with people that genuinely care about you and always be yourself. Remember, you are the best you can always be, you are unique, outstanding and the most important person in your life will always be you.

Ladies: This is the Only Way You Can Achieve Financial Freedom


There are many ways a lady can gain wealth. A lady’s power does not lie between her thighs, believing it does disempowers the lady. Many atimes, ladies stoop so low to the point of using their bodies to make money, this is unnecessary because as a lady, you possess so many hidden skills.

Ladies have refused to search deeply into themselves and find themselves out, they are not experts at managing their own finances and end up broke. Back in my 100 level days, my roommates were desperate to get anything called money but the fact is they hard skills within them they were not ready to make use of.

As a lady, you should know yourself completely, what you are capable of doing and what you are not capable of doing. There are many ways to get yourself some cash instead of settling for cheap means. Learn to bring out the best in yourself.

The blogger Linda Ikeji didn’t get rich overnight, she faced so many challenges but despite the circumstances, she scaled through because she didn’t limit herself to bring poor, she believes she could and would get rich and she achieved her goal.

Ladies this days say they can’t do cheap handiworks like hairdressing, tailoring and the likes yet they complain of money problems. The easiest way to make it in life is to do what you are good at. Hairdressers and Tailors this days are making it big time.

When you limit yourself to one thing, you will not reach your goal. You do not have to sacrifice your body to make money for yourself because men give respect to women who keep their dignity. No man is ready to end up with a second hand material therefore, ladiesmake use of your time.

There are times you will run dry, think of what you can do best and do it to make money for yourself. Money should never be a problem in a ladies life, because she has hidden potentials to get her cash at the top of a finger.

How to Be a Successful African Woman


Successful people do not sit in a spot and expect good things to come their way, they work their way to success. The road to success is rough therefore to attain that goal of yours, you have to work really hard, only through hard work and determination can one reach the top.

Discipline is the first thing to take to heart, one has to stay disciplined and study hard to reach that rank. The best students in class would not be the best if they are not well disciplined with their studies. A successful students shuns every form of distraction.
Recently, my friend and I decided to eat in an eatery after several hours of study, she didn’t have much on her so I decided to save money, I ordered for something cheaper than what i wanted, that got me thinking ” what exactly do we settle for in our lives because they seem easier or cheaper than what we really want?”

The truth is, to reach the top or attain your goal, you have to go for what motivates you, do not settle for less. Think about what motivates and drives you, what makes you feel fulfilled.
Also, be aware of your value and purpose. Everyone is created differently, never try to be like someone and never compare yourself to someone else. Be the best at who you already are, ‘follow you passion’ that’s the word.

Life is hard and nothing of value is ever handed to us. Pain and discomfort are part of the process. Learn to struggle and never feel entitled to anything you did not swear or struggle for “your struggle builds your muscle”. Push past your fear, never use excuses and learn to roll up your sleeves.

Utilize materials that helps expand your knowledge base. Do well to also take advise from those at the top, that will force you to push yourself harder to reach the top.
Always go for your goals and never settle for second best.
Next time, I’ll order what i really want to eat.

More so, everyone has that talent that is untapped, make use of it.
Winners would always be winners because they do what winners do. No winner is a victim of circumstances because they take circumstances as new opportunities. The difference between the winner and the loser is not intelligence but drive and initiative.

No matter how scared a successful person might be, he makes sure he achieve his goal ‘do it scared’ and by doing it, you will create a momentum that will lead to progress and results.
Everyone wants to see himself or herself at the top, they want to succeed by hook or crook, but dubious means would do you no good, like I said earlier, only through hard work and determination can you reach the top therefore work hard, think high and dream big.

Ladies! Six Lies You Should Never Tell Yourself


Many a times, you tend to be too hard on yourself as a lady and say so many negative things to yourself. When you tell yourself a lot of negative things, you begin to believe them. You know these things are not true and you shouldn’t give in. The best thing you can do to yourself is to see the best in you.

Lie # 6: I have a bad posture

Most girls are too conscious of themselves especially when they walk with their peers, they think their steps are horrible, their posture is nothing to write home about. The answer is simple, stand up straight and keep that confidence going strong.

Lie # 5: No one wants to be my friend

This is actually the biggest lie you would tell yourself. There is always someone out there who admired you and wants to be like you. “I never knew someone liked me this much to the extent of wanting to be my friend” Simi, a final year student of political science once said to me after being told her attitude was loved . Never call yourself a loner, try meeting new people, there are people out there that share something in common with you.

Lie # 4: I’m not smart

There is no “madam perfect” out there, everyone has their flaws. Nobody is good at everything. I realized during a discussion test that the smartest girl in my class was never really smart, she worked her way into making everyone believe she was that smart. When you find yourself struggling with a course, never be too proud to ask for help, you would be helping yourself, and who knows, you could also be helping that person helping you help yourself.

Lie # 3: I’m not attractive

Common, why focus on the negative. The calendar models you see here and there are not the real them, never think they are perfect. Look for that positive thing in you, your good legs, your flawless face, your contagious smile or your perfect eyes.
Remember, you are wonderfully and beautifully made by God.

I never believed I was beautiful until an admirer(My crush) told me I had always been his secret admirer, trust I felt so good. But never wait for someone to tell you how beautiful you are, always believe you are beautiful. Say to yourself I AM BEAUTIFUL.

Lie # 2: I am too short or too tall

Why complain about your height? Do you want to be short of you are tall or vice versa? It’s all the same, no matter the height, you can’t control it, never allow others intimidate you with their height, you will always be the perfect you. “LOVE YOURSELF”.

Lie # 1: No one understands me

Do you really care if someone understands you? Why care so much about something you should give little or no thoughts to. The fact is you understand yourself, so with that, it is left to whoever wants to understand you . I will always repeat, ” the best person you can always be is you”

3 Reasons Why Every Teenager in Port Harcourt Should Attend #CodeStudio


#CodeStudio6, which is the sixth edition of the coding camp organized by TeenCoders, will feature hands-on practical computing projects by teenagers including mobile apps programming, codeless website development, 3D cartoon animation and lots more.

 TeenCoders have been able to hold this camp every holiday for the past two years. Within this period, they have trained more than 2,000 teenagers, drawn from Port Harcourt, Lagos and Abuja.

One key challenge in organizing camps of this nature has been sustainability, funding, locations, equipments and facilitators but this year, the camp #CodeStudio6 is organized in partnership with other IT companies in Port Harcourt. They include Ipage Technologies, Sowa Systems Technology, Classic Web Host, Wisdom To Wealth Foundation, Kids-Ville Academy, Divad Technologies, SynergyPHCity etc.

Here are three reasons why every teenager in Port Harcourt should attend #CodeStudio

It’s a global shift.

Today, 12% of all job openings and 17% of all new wages in the developing world are in computing fields. And aside from the jobs, nations broadly realize that computer science is increasingly foundational to ALL 21st century careers.

Many developed countries are aware of this and consciously putting up positional strategies. For example, to solve this challenge in the US, on April 26, 2016, America’s leading CEOs, 27 governors, and more than 100 educators raised $48 million in private contributions, and sent an open letter to Congress, asking for funding to provide every student in every school the opportunity to learn computer science.

Three-quarter of Nigerian schools offer computer studies not computer science.

The Nigerian primary and secondary school curriculum focuses more on computer studies than computer science. The curriculum of developed nations is computer science.

Computer science teaches kids how to create solutions using computer programs. Computer studies teach kids how to use solutions that are created using computer programs. If we continue as consumers of technology, by teaching our kids computer studies, we will continue to be dependent on expatriate, foreign support and international provisions to solve our local ICT problems.

To increase the number of girls and disadvantage kids in (Science Technology Engineering and Maths) STEM and computer science fields.

To increase the number of girls to 30% within the next 9 months.





1,000 Teenage Girls and Boys to Learn Mobile Computing this Summer in Port Harcourt


1,000 girls and boys between 8-16 years in Port Harcourt are being selected to participate in the 4 weeks mobile programming camp tagged #CodeStudio6.

#CodeStudio6, which is the sixth edition of the coding camp organized by TeenCoders, will feature hands-on practical computing projects by teenagers including mobile apps programming, codeless website development, 3D cartoon animation and lots more.

Five locations have been confirmed to host these computer geeks throughout the summer. The locations are:

  • Woji/Old-Aba-Road, (Ipage Technologies, 14 Old Aba Road by Woji Junction, PH).
  • Garrison/Trans-Amadi, (Sowa Systems Technology, 5 Okeh Street, Ogbunabali, by Garrison, PH).
  • Olu-Obasanjo/D-Line, (Wisdom To Wealth Foundation, 55 Olu-Obasanjo Road, PH).
  • Agip/Mile-4, (Kids-Ville Academy, Road 1 off 3rd Avenue, Agip Estate, PH)
  • Rumuigbo/Choba (Learning Centre, Rumuigbo Estate, PH).

 The camp will hold from August 1st to August 26th, 2016. Interested parents can pick up the forms for their kids at any of the designated centres.

A project exhibition and graduation ceremony will hold on Saturday 27th August. Scholarships and prizes will be awarded to the best performing teens.

TeenCoders is a platform designed to engage teenagers in real life problem solving using computer science and technology.

The key aim of the organization is to develop the creative problem solving skills of teenagers.

The organizers, TeenCoders, are also looking for more sponsors and partners to help provide computers / laptops for the teens. The organizers are also training volunteers that will function as facilitators across the different locations.

For more details concerning registration, sponsorship, partnership, volunteering, please contact: Mr. Anietie

Phone: 080-39-5588-39.

Office:  1 Redemption Close, Elijiji Avenue, Woji Road, PH.

Email:  :