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News Flash: Your Smartphone is the Filthiest Thing in Your Handbag



According to a 2010 study by a UK magazine, the average smartphone has 18 times more potentially harmful bacteria on it than the flusher on the toilet in the average public restroom.

Yup, you heard right. As women we like to act as clean freaks so I can imagine how disappointed you are right now. So how did your phone become so dirty?

Our smartphones are hot spots for germs not only because we constantly clutch at them with our filthy hands, but because we pass them around to all our friends who also touch it with dirty hands.

We never clean them, we store them in warm places, pouch, phone cover, 360 protector, you name it and we cannot stop using our phones especially while doing the business in the toilet.

The average smartphone carries 11,020 germs per square inch — and in some tests, one in six randomly selected phones had fecal matter on it.

Some microbiologists also warn that between 20 and 30 percent of infectious diseases can be transferred from fingertip to phone glass, where the microbes can survive on your phone for several days at a time.

Your phone picks up germs from your mouth, nose, and ears when you use it. You also probably place it on dirty surfaces, like your desk at work (which contains 79,000 germs per square inch on your computer alone), your germ-ridden kitchen counter, your purse (a third of purses have been found to carry E. coli bacteria) and occasionally somewhere in your bathroom.

Plus how hot phones get on their own — and how we usually keep them someplace warm, like our pants pocket, our hands, or next to our face — and there you go, ripe conditions for crazy germ growth.

While our phones are covered in germs, most of them are not actually all that dangerous to adults with fully functioning immune systems. A University of Surrey study found that most of the germs on the phones were harmless.

To clean your phone, power your phone down every other day, take it out of its case, and then wipe down the phone and the case with the wipes.

Then wash your hands frequently, this will help reduce the number of germs you carry around. Also avoid passing your phone around indiscriminately.

There you go, Ms. Dirty Phone, your Smartphone just got cleaner.

Why You Should Consider Social Media Customer Care


Social media customer care is simply a way of handling customer service over social channels like Facebook, Twitter, etc which leads to amplification of  your customer service story. recently created an infographic on how to effectively optimise social media customer care. This Infographic Presents the Importance and Benefits of giving attention to the compliments on the Social Media for Businesses.

Ali Baba Chairman, Jack Ma Visits Nairobi


“He brings to the continent a visionary approach to entrepreneurship, a thirst for learning, and a belief in a better world for young people, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) Secretary-General Mukhisa Kituyi said while describing Jack Ma’s visit to Kenya.

The Star reports that Founder and executive chairman of giant online shopping platform Alibaba .com Jack Ma will be attending the Youth Connekt Africa Summit in Rwanda.

“Realizing Africa’s youth potential” conference will bring together 1,500 participants including government officials, entrepreneurs, investors, multinationals, and startups shaping the African technological ecosystem to discuss methods of using technology to drive Africa’s economic growth.

UNCTAD seeks to work with Ma to explore opportunities with local businesses to participate in global trade, raise awareness about the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and attend the Youth Connekt Africa Summit.

I am Africa (Tammah) and Tammah is for All Of Us



Look into her eyes, she wants to tell her story because she is the only one who can tell her story well enough for everyone to completely understand. No one else can tell her story accurately.

The question is how does she tell her story in way that won’t be distorted?

Telling a story, your story, to the world is important. Africa’s stereotypical story of perpetual strife needs to change.

We all bear the onus of changing this narrative and how can we effectively tell these stories if we don’t have the right tool that gives us the power to let our voices be heard.

tammah is a free web based online video platform with a focus on original independent African content. tammah is a platform and community where creative Africans can showcase their creativity and offer a different narrative, a better narrative.

tammah is focused on changing peoples’ minds by depicting and reinforcing the positive image of our home – Africa and Africans wherever we dwell in any part of the world.

Nnamdi Ejiogu, founder of tammah used to be a banker before co-founding a first startup in 2013 named Crowdy. Crowdy was an event based discovery app and it shut down in 2015. tammah began shortly thereafter.

He said “I founded tammah because the mainstream media’s portrayal of Africa is mostly myopic (well meaning, but often wrongheaded) and I’d like to change that broad view. Our platform creates a place to focus the content and have Africans elevate their narrative.”

tammah is a respelling of the word tama [tah-mah], the Senegalese name for the West African talking drum.

A talking drum is any of various types of drums that, by imitating the rhythm & the rise & fall of words in language, communicate ideas, stories & culture.

In every African culture, the drum is the heart of the people, and the heart of the people is the core of our culture.

Excited yet!

Now Ejiogu and team needs your help to make this project a reality. Support tammah’s Kickstarter campaign, aside from giving and getting back a million fold, you will also help actualise a vision that is for all of us.




5 Ways to Use Twitter to Grow Your Small Business



Twitter is the on the go platform for social networking. On Twitter, everyone and anyone is making noise about one thing or the other. From businesses to religious organisations to politicians to government officials, our timelines are getting more and more flooded each and every single day.

Twitter recommends that the best way for small businesses to stand out is to produce sparkling content that speaks to the heart of the user.

Twitter can help you generate more customers who are willing to patronise and engage your brand each and every single day.

Know Your Customers

At one point or the other, you must have filled bank Know Your Customer form. The purpose of KYC is to know who your customers are, what they need and how to best meet their needs. Online we call them audience, you have to find your audience and identify them. Using the Twitter search, the billions of tweets that are sent every week are all available to be searched and sifted through.

The search button will help you find new customers and engage them, drawing them towards your business.

Identify and Connect with Brand Influencers

By identifying and building a relationship with influencers, you can greatly benefit from word of mouth marketing. To find influencers, start by searching for your industry’s keywords and pay special attention to who is getting tweeted about the most. Put them in a list to track what they are tweeting about so as to figure how to plug into the conversation.


Twitter Ads offers many types of advertising, including promoting your account or promoting specific tweets, that you can purchase to reach potential customers who may not yet be aware of your brand. Although it is not a cheap way of getting your business out there, Twitter ads will prove very effective for your small business if you can carve out a small investment to dedicate monthly.

Tap into Hashtags

Hashtags will improve your brands visibility, especially ongoing trends. Hashtags have been described as the little window that connects your brand to the world. Using relevant hashtags related to your industry will make your small business visible when people type into their search boxes.

Create Rich Engaging Content

You have to draw your audience in with reach engaging content, using simple online tools like Canva, you will find free templates that will help you design like a pro. Even the paid templates are not so expensive. With such tools, you really don’t need to burden yourself with the cost of employing a graphic designer.

Photos, Comics, Memes, Short Videos will drive engagement because statistics have shown that people are 3X more likely to engage with Tweets that contain such media.





5 Simple Instagram Tips to Help Grow Your Business



There are successful female entrepreneurs who have grown their businesses with Instagram. Open your Instagram and check out the long list of Make Up Artists, Wedding Planners, Photographers, Stylists who never stop making all the noise they need to make about their services.

I heard a story recently, a young girl who started out as just an ordinary Make Up artist a couple of years ago now rakes in about N600,000 naira every Saturday. She always has nothing less than three brides to make up.

That is the power of Instagram, after one gig that is picked up by popular handles like @naijaweddings and the likes, people follow her and they check out her pictures and as they say, photos tell a million stories.

So whether you are a Fashion Designer or Retailer, don’t neglect the power of Instagram to help you grow your small business because who says you can’t get 90% of all your customers via Instagram.

Here are 5 simple Instagram tips to grow your small business.

Connect it with your other social accounts

You will get more followers when you connect your Instagram account with your other social media accounts like Facebook or Twitter because what you post on IG will automatically reflect on others. This will increase the visibility of your brand and products or services.

Post What People want to see

It starts with you, what would you like to see on Instagram, sometimes, small business owners think they have to invest in photo shoots to be able to project their brands. Big no, with your phone, you can take good photos and do some light editing and voom, put it up because you can never tell how far one photo can go. Ensure your stream delivers value that people can’t get anywhere else, all boils back to what would you want to see on IG.

Use Hashtags

You can reach even more followers if you use #Hashtags because when people search for anything that is related to your hashtags, your stream would be among the results they get.

Respond to Comments

Don’t ignore your followers, keep the conversation going, the fact that you are a humble person will draw them closer to your brand. Follow people back and you can also connect with them on other social media sites, believe me, this is a sure fire way of gaining loyalty.

Be Consistent

Consistency is key, ensure your audience gets new content from you every time. Don’t post today and abandon your account for the next few months, as often as possible, release fresh content and plug into conversations online.


5 Free Online Tools that Can Help You Grow Your Small Business



Technology has permanently come to reshape our lives and our businesses. Today, each and every single day, people are conceiving new ideas to make our lives easier. Online, there are a variety of tools that can help you grow your small business.

Simple Graphic Design: Canva (

Canva helps you to create simple graphics with free templates. All you need to do is to add text and voila, you have a great finished product. You can create invitation, announcements, Facebook cover, social media image posts on Canva.

Social Media Scheduling: Hootsuite (

Hootsuite helps you to schedule your social media posts across all social media channels. The free account gives you an opportunity to include three social media accounts. Within the Hootsuite dashboard, you can monitor your engagement and also gain insightful analytics to all your activities.

Taking Notes: Evernote (

Evernote is the place to collect inspirational ideas, write meaningful words and gather your to do list. Evernote syncs seamlessly across all devices and you can even bookmark notes on your web browser with ever note.

Mailing: MailChimp (

MailChimp is your all in one email marketing answer, Mail Chimp helps you send constant emails and also track results. If you are sending less than 2,000 emails, MailChimp has a great free offer for small businesses. All you need to do is to create a contact list that can be updated anytime.

Services: SourceGig (

Source gig lets you find freelancers that can help you with anything, from market research to business plan writing to logo design, source gig will help you get anything done from the comfort of your home.


5 Ways You Can Use Facebook to Grow Your Small Business



Facebook can be referred to as the mother of all social networks, with about 3.5 billion likes every day and 1.4 billion users, 20% of the world’s population is on Facebook and a huge percentage of this people can be advocates of your brand.

Think about it, with the right kind of engagement on Facebook and a little investment in adverts, you have the opportunity to reach so many people. Facebook ads are also targeted in such a way that it almost meets people at the point of their needs.

Here are 5 Ways You Can Use Facebook to Grow Your Small Business

Improve Your Facebook Home Page

Don’t just list the name of the business and write a short description of the business, write long description, include a web address if you have one, use a catchy cover photo and profile photo. Ensure that your page stands out, so that when people stumble on it, they will be interested in liking.

In all your offline and online marketing efforts, let people know that you are on Facebook. Constantly redirect people to your home page.

Facebook Graph Search

Facebook Graph Search is your secret weapon. It’s an ingenious way of extending your online reach. Think about it. Facebook graph search ranks people, pages, apps, groups, places etc. With such tool, you can find your perfect customer either individually or in their niche network.

Streamline Your Social Media Channels

You shouldn’t expect your Facebook page to exist in isolation, unite it with your other social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc. it helps you save effort and promote your content concurrently, because what you post on one will automatically connect with the other one.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Giveaways

People will be motivated to like when they know that there is something waiting at the other end of the line. It can be a free gift or a free service, giveaways are baits that lure your customers in. This also helps with your word of mouth advertising. By the time your lucky winner testifies to the goodness of your product or service, be rest assured that there will be plenty people waiting at the end of the line to also experience this goodness.

Talk, Talk, Talk

Twitter gives you 140 characters to express yourself, Instagram gives you just one shot, Facebook gives you enough space for all the characters you need to talk the talk. So talk the talk and don’t stop talking, let people know that you are an authority in your field. Post relevant shareable content that is worthy of anyone’s time.


5 Affordable Online Marketing Tips for Small Businesses in Nigeria

Online marketing, small business in nigeria

Research claims that 9 in 10 Startups are bound to fail, one of the reasons why failure occurs is lack of funds to fuel advertising campaigns and become visible within their niche market.

With the advent of digital marketing, small businesses can now rely on the power of digital media to bring their business to homes of tens and thousands of people.

Business with small marketing capital can rely on online marketing to build a solid online presence. Here are 5 affordable online marketing tips for small businesses in Nigeria.

Create the Right Kind of Content

Content speaks authority and search engines love authority. Content is a very important currency in today’s world of digital marketing. It drives traffic, helps improve ranking, and could potentially help your site convert visitors to customers.

Content must be original and it must contain valuable information your niche market will find useful. Get your headlines right because 80% of the people who read your headlines will keep reading if they like what they see.

Increase Your Social Media Reach

You have to increase your reach in social media. In order to help your small business on social media, you have to invest in both paid and organic methods. You have to know exactly when to post because timing is the key to increase engagement.

If you post at a time people wont be online, that particular content has been wasted, if you post at a time when great minds have gathered online, voila! That is the beginning of your social media success.

Mix the use of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, because each social media platforms have different specializations, which make them unique.

Improve SEO

According to statistics, Search Engine Optimization is important because organic search leads have generated an average of 14.6% close rate. Also, 75% of Google users will simply stay on the first page of the search result.

SEO is also very cost effective, because once you get it right, you really don’t need to engage in all the stress of having an elaborate online marketing budget anymore.

Use influencers

Influencer marketing is relatively new in the range of effective online marketing strategies. Your customers have more chances of hanging around when they have been referred by someone. Influencers can range from bloggers, to famous people on Instagram and what have you. Make a list of your influencers and start leveraging them now.

Use visuals

According to one statistic, the mind processes visuals 1,000 times faster than words. It has been proven that visuals can affect how a person thinks. Addition of visuals can boost a person’s willingness to finish an entire text by as much as 80%. Associating visual images to information improves the retention of data.

There are free design tools online that help you create great visuals like a pro, eg Canva, Infogr etc