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What Every Female Student Should Know About Cliques


It is not a rare fact that every girl wants to be accepted, no man is an island so no one can isolate himself. Though you call yourself a loner, there would always be that particular friend you confide in when in need. But it is just so annoying how so many girls want to feel among, the competition is really increasing and every girl wants to be the *QUEEN BEE*, is there a need for that?

Clique, a small exclusive group of people in form of threes or fours or more than. Although these groups have their positive sides, the negative side overshadows it. Members of a clique sometimes have a very shaky self esteem and self confidence and depend on their peers for security.

The 2018 class of Mass Communication department, University of Lagos once had an issue involving cliques. It all started with the anonymous message box ‘saraha’ where everyone is allowed to pour out their minds without being known, there were some nasty comments about a girl always wanting to feel among a clique headed by a beautiful girl nicknamed ‘illy’. The period was a trying one for the girl because no one knew who made the comment but almost everyone agreed to it. The affected girl who is seen as the victim till today lives with the belief that no one wants her friendship and has actually become a shadow of herself.
However, only a few cliques remain friends after adolescent, many of them seem to grow up and leave their friends lagging behind.

There is nothing great about being in a clique. They tend to belittle or intimidate others and also prevent their so called friends from mixing with others.

Moreover, it may feel so good being friends with someone in a clique and knowing what is going on in that clique.

The very naive me always wanted to be friends with some group of friends in my first year, but I always felt like the odd one because I was, I had a bad dress sense and was very committed to sports and academics, but I backed out when I realized I didn’t like being controlled by others and I wasn’t benefiting from them. When you realize you are being controlled by other people, it’s time to move on, spend lesser time with them.
In conclusion, as a lady, you should learn to be yourself, spend more time with people that genuinely care about you and always be yourself. Remember, you are the best you can always be, you are unique, outstanding and the most important person in your life will always be you.

Why You Should Consider Social Media Customer Care


Social media customer care is simply a way of handling customer service over social channels like Facebook, Twitter, etc which leads to amplification of  your customer service story. recently created an infographic on how to effectively optimise social media customer care. This Infographic Presents the Importance and Benefits of giving attention to the compliments on the Social Media for Businesses.

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