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Common Sexuality Myths Debunked

Sex and Relationships

Common Sexuality Myths Debunked

Common Sexuality Myths Debunked

Every society has its own sexuality myths. Passed down from one generation to the other, people grow up with specific myths that are just not true. I compiled a couple of sexuality myths on Quora.

Wambui Mungai wrote

  1. A woman has to have sex with multiple partners so that she “discovers” herself.
  2. Sex should be gifted to a man cause of his “good behaviour” in the relationship
  3. Sex is the only way for a woman to know her man
  4. A woman who gets married a virgin will eventually cheat on her husband cause she didn’t “test drive” other men or him before marriage
  5. There exists other genders besides male and female

Lou Grant wrote

  • The more a woman has sex, the looser her vagina gets. This is strongly connected with the idea that a woman’s value is inversely correlated to her sexual experience. A virgin is pure and desirable, a woman who has had 10 partners is a slut and damaged goods.

It is true that in general, a woman whose vagina has rarely been penetrated is “tighter”. But first, this is not a 0 (virgin) to 1 (not virgin) process. There is not much difference between the first and the third time a woman has sex. Then when the woman’s body gets used to being penetrated (let’s say she’s had sex 20 times), it does not change anymore. The next events that could make a woman’s vagina change are a vaginal delivery (yep, a newborn is larger than a penis), some kind of trauma, or physical therapy. The perineum is a muscle that wraps around the vagina and can be strengthened with exercises, this is actually advised after a vaginal delivery. So a woman can make her vagina “tighter” by strengthening her perineum.

To be clear, having sex 20 times or 1,000 times does not matter physically. Also, having sex 100 times with one guy or 1 time with 100 guys does not make ANY difference for the vagina. The vagina is not damaged by (safe and consensual) intercourse.

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