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Ethiopian Airlines Plane Crash is Africa’s Biggest Loss in Recent Times

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Ethiopian Airlines Plane Crash is Africa’s Biggest Loss in Recent Times

No statistic can encapsulate death and its consequences. 157 lives were lost in the plane crash, however these included victims that were mothers, sisters, daughters, fathers, children, friends, colleagues.

Africa lost some of her finest minds in that plane crash. The blow cannot be reversed.

Professor Pius Adesanmi was not just a critic or satirist, he was an outstanding professor of African studies. He represented a crop of Africans in diaspora who spoke the truth on any issue concerning Nigeria.

Even though he carried a Canadian passport, Professor Adesanmi was first and foremost a Nigerian before any other thing, He never lost his Nigerianess at any point.

Professor Abiodun Bashua was a fine diplomat, having served on United Nations Joint Council in Sudan, he was distinguished and recognized in his profession.

Many United Nations employees were on that plane, many Kenyans were also returning home on that plane.

This nine year old penned a letter to her father a day before the plane crash.

The profile of all the victims tells stories of courage and excellence, it tells the story of people who impacted their communities and nations in profound ways.

The loss is immeasurable but we can only console ourselves with the last Facebook post of Professor Pius Adesanmi and pray that as they all sail to the greater beyond, may their souls find eternal peace.

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