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Everything We Learnt From ‘An Evening With Chimamanda Adichie’ Hosted By Workstation


Everything We Learnt From ‘An Evening With Chimamanda Adichie’ Hosted By Workstation

Chimamanda Adichie was in Lagos recently for a hangout tagged ‘An Evening With Chimamanda’ hosted by Workstation.

A couple of attendees went to social media to share everything the learnt. Adichie shared her thoughts on feminism in Nigeria and Africa as a whole and everything in between.

Unfortunately, we were not able to attend the event but in curated content from attendees, here is the crust of the discussion.

Equal Opportunities for Both Men and Women

In a world where, you are ridiculed and asked to step back in diverse scenerios because you are a woman, equal opportunities for both men and women is what feminism should really be about. We often misconstrue feminism as the fight for whether women have the right to walk naked on the streets or not. Sadly in Africa, feminism is the fight for equal opportunities for girls and women like the teenagers who are sold into marriages in Beecheve community, Cross River.

Female youngsters who are told not to go into certain careers because they are not men. Young ladies who face sexual harassment and obligatory conditional advancement because they are women. These are the people feminism is and should fight for.

Male Children are Human Too

Male children are born with too many expectations that often defy logical thinking. Men are not expected to cry, men are expected to bear the brunt of ever responsibility “like a man” they will say. Why is it that we often forget that they also have emotions. Masculinity is not being ashamed of vulnerability

Bride Price Should Be Symbolic Exchange Not Exchange of Actual Cash

Adichie insisted that bride price should be symbolic, not exchange of actual raw cash. I completely agree with her. We have to abolish this mentality of after all, we paid your bride price, that means we own you. The husband’s family should be made to understand that bride price is a symbolic exchange doesn’t mean, you have come to buy a slave.

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