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Five Myths About “Toilet Infection” Debunked

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Five Myths About “Toilet Infection” Debunked

Five Myths About “Toilet Infection” Debunked

Yes, you’ve heard it everywhere, Vaginal Yeast Infection popularly described as Toilet Infection is a hot topic everywhere. Women are warned not to sit on public Toilet seats because they can get Toilet infection.

You must have also come across different peddlers with numerous wonder herbal remedies for Toilet infections, some will even claim that if not treated, it can impact your fertility.

Anyway, I am going to debunk a few Toilet infection myths right now.

Toilet Infection Doesn’t Exist

You do not get bacterial vaginosis from toilet seats, hence the falsehood in the name. If you don’t get the “infection” from a toilet seat so why call it Toilet Infection.

Call if the right name, Vaginal Infection and that’s it. NOT TOILET INFECTION.

Not all Vaginal Discharge is Vaginal Infection

Yes, the symptoms of Vaginal Infection include vaginal discharge, itching and burning. Not all vaginal discharge is vaginal infection. You have to pay close attention to the colour and smell of the discharge.

If your vaginal discharge is abnormal in color such as green, has a foul smell, changes consistency, you may have some form of Vaginal Infection. Consult your doctor at that point.

There are more than one type of Vaginal Infection

  1. Bacterial vaginosis
  2. Vaginal yeast infection
  3. Trichomoniasis

These are the three types of Vaginal Infection. It is not just one type that can be treated with the same remedy. Only a doctor can accurately diagnose the type of Vaginal Infection you might have and appropriate treatment.

Some Vaginal Infections are transmitted through sexual contact

So true, yes some vaginal infection is indeed transmitted through sexual contact but not all. Some are also associated with more serious diseases, that is the most important reason why you should not self diagnose.

Vaginal Infection is more common than you think

Majority of women will have one or more vaginal infections in their lifetime so don’t feel like the whole world is coming to an end, vaginal infection is not unique to you.

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