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Five Things No One Ever Told You About Malaria

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Five Things No One Ever Told You About Malaria

Five Things No One Ever Told You About Malaria

Yes, we’ve all had Malaria in our lifetime. Any African child will tell you how to treat Malaria. Malaria is the disease we treat from childhood to adulthood. Right now, there is a high probability that you know someone who has Malaria.

Here are five quick facts about Malaria that will surprise you.

  1. Although many countries have been able to reduce Malaria cases drastically, Malaria is still on the rise, according to the World Health Organisation, every 2 minutes, a child dies of malaria. And each year, more than 200 million new cases of the disease are reported.
  2. Sub-Saharan African carries the highest Malaria burden, although many people from other countries can also contract Malaria for example in the United States of America, there are about 1,500 cases yearly.
  3. Pregnant women and children under five are most vulnerable to Malaria. Yes, use insecticide-treated nets when you are pregnant, very important.
  4. Early diagnosis and prompt treatment of Malaria can prevent deaths. Looking out for Malaria symptoms, visiting the doctor for accurate diagnosis and prompt treatment will go a long way in preventing deaths.
  5. Algeria, Argentina, Paraguay and Uzbekistan have been certified as Malaria free.

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