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Four Things Every Married Couple Must Always Say to Each Other

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Four Things Every Married Couple Must Always Say to Each Other

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Marriage can be a bag full of complications if not properly steered. Marriage counsellors always advise understanding and tolerance whenever they talk to intending couples. These two qualities build up the two individuals in marriages to make them a good couple.

I attended a wedding over the weekend and the preacher recommended these fours words married couples must always say to each other.

I am sorry

The preacher emphasised the importance of apologising, she went all out to tell the husband that hey, you are not getting married to an angel, both of you at many points will hurt and disappoint each other but you have to learn to say I am sorry.

I love you

I love you is probably the most common phrase on earth. People of all ages tell each other the word each and every single day. The preacher insisted that the couple must never forget to say I love you to each other because it reaffirms the essence of their marital life.

We will make it

This Christianese phrase gives hope. We will make it provides light and hope in difficult times. It helps married couples to stay strong during the hard times, to believe in each other and hold on to every inch of faith they have left.

Thank you

Thank you never wear out, the preacher even recommended that they thank each other for saying “I Do” as often as possible so that they don’t forget why they chose each other. She also emphasised thank you for the little things and big things

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