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Here is How to Smell Good All Day

here is how to smell good all day

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Here is How to Smell Good All Day

We all want to smell good 24/7 but unfortunately, if you don’t know how, you are absolutely wasting your time. Here is how to smell good all day.

Don’t rub the fragrance after spraying it

Rubbing it will make the top note disappear quickly, so ensure you don’t rub it. Spray it on your wrist and mist it into the air, then walk through it. This keeps the fragrance long lasting.

Always wash your hair

Hair odor is the worst form of body odour. Ensure you always wash your hair.

Spray your clothes

Ensure your wardrobe is always smelling nice. You don’t want your clothes smelling “clothy.” The key to smelling good also covers your clothes.

Use gum to fight bad breath

Bad breath is sometimes unavoidable, ensure you always carry gum and mouth spray. That is the smart way to fight bad breath especially when you have to be in public.

Keep down there clean always

Keeping down there clean is a good way to smell good mentally. You don’t want to have a smelly vagina, it messes with your mental state of mind. Always wash with a mild soap and eat healthy.

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