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Here is How To Tell if Your Boyfriend is a Misogynist

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Here is How To Tell if Your Boyfriend is a Misogynist

Misogynists will do anything to overpower a woman and show her that he is in control of not just the relationship but her life. Because deep down, they are afraid of powerful women, misogynists will do anything and everything to depress a woman.

No woman dserves to be in a relationship with a misogynist. Here is how to tell if the one your love is a misogynist.

He is always criticising your looks

There is a thin line between he just wants me to look good and plane heartache. When a man constantly puts you down and complain about how you look or what you are wearing or your hairstyle this and that, you should be very wary.

Your opinion doesn’t matter

True, you cannot be in a relationship with yourself but at the same time, you cannot be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t respect your opinion. Listening to you talk is different from respecting your opinion. A misogynist doesn’t care about you or your opinion, in his mind, you will never have something worthwhile to say.

He doesn’t respect your NO

No is a vital part of life. It is a disillusion to say you will live life without experiencing a couple of NOs. A misogynist will never take no for an answer. He believes that because in some twisted way, he owns you so you cannot reject his proposal or his request at any point.

He is controlling

Which friends you talk to, who you see, what you wear, what you eat, where you go to. If he is the sole decision maker in the relationship, well there you have it, you are dating a misogynist. He will take every opportunity to exercise his power over you.


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