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How to apply perfume to make it last all day

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How to apply perfume to make it last all day

Smelling good all day has been scientifically proven to increase our mood and overall performance throughout the day. You don’t need to carry your perfume to make it last all day, you can achieve that by properly applying your perfume in pulse points where it will last.

Here are the optimum body areas and pulse points you should apply your perfume.


Mist your perfume into a comb and run it through your hair. Don’t apply directly because the alchohol content in the perfume will dry your hair.


Spray the perfume behind your hair lobes. The body is warmer here and it will enhance the frangrance.

Collarbone, Neck, Shoulders and Back

You can maximise the power of your perfume by allpying it to your collarbone, neck, shoulders and back.


Apply frgrance to your wrists, they also serve as a pulse point.

Inside Elbows

The inside elbows also serve as a pulse point.

Behind Knees

The back of your knees are also a pulse point.


Your feet is constantly in motion so keep it moisturised.

Belly Button

If you heat up, the fragrance in your belly button doesnt dry out.


Clothes have a way of retaining fragnances.



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