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How to properly dispose Sanitary Pads

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How to properly dispose Sanitary Pads

Disposing sanitary pads can be very tricky especially in a society where there are ritual speculations and suspicious possession and use of items women use. As young women, we need to know how to carefully dispose our pads so that we can protect ourselves. You can’t also ignore the effect good sanitary pad disposal has on your hygiene.

Here is how to properly dispose your sanitary pads.

The first method is one I got from a Nairaland post.

Method 1

Yinx007 wrote “I put mine under running water while having my bath so the water washes all d blood away till its clean, then I squeeze, wrap in the initial wrapper then into an old newspaper, tie in a black nylon and throw in d bin like normal refuse. No odour, no stickiness, no dirt.”

Method 2

Another method of disposing your sanitary pads is Throwing it in the Cesspool. 

This can only work if your cesspool is constructed in a way that it can be easily opened. While this is not advisable if you live with other tenants and the house has a small cesspool, over time, it can lead to some serious sewage problems.

Method 3

Wrap a tissue paper round that pad and properly trash it. You just have to ensure that your trashcan is far away from pets and you are using a good waste disposal service.

Method 4

Use non disposable sanitary pads or menstrual cup, this will eliminate the need to always worry about how to dispose your sanitary pads monthly.

Disposing sanitary pads can be very tricky. You just have to find a safe way that works for your in your environment. If you have any tricks for properly disposing sanitary pads under your sleeves, please share.

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