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How to Stay Safe During Elections

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How to Stay Safe During Elections

General Elections

Yes, general elections is around the corner and staying safe is a priority. After the hullabaloo that happened during the All Progressives Congress Lagos Campaign rally, more and more Nigerians have began to question the assurance of safety of lives and properties during the elections.

There is a prediction that while some states might be marred with violence, some states will have peaceful elections.

Elections in Nigeria are generally marred with violence, as women, we have to keep our families safe. Here are a few tips to help you stay safe during the general elections.

Get Home Early

Two weeks to the election, ensure you get home early. Don’t stay out late at night for any reason and in times when you have to commute a long distance, stay in the safest place you can find.

Refrain from wearing political campaign tees in hot zones

Hot zones are places known for political violence. During the weeks preceding the elections, don’t wear political campaign uniforms indiscriminately. Be cautious.

Beware of Social Joints

Yes, you have social joints where you hang out like Newspaper stands, your street vendors etc. Ensure that these places are safe before venturing into any political discussion or contributing to political conversations. Always beware of violence breaking out any minute due to political differences any minute.

Cut back family Outings

Yes, you love to take the kids out every Sunday but its election period, be extra careful. Prior to the election, cut back family outings. Have fun with the kids at home just for the time being.

Get food Items

The markets will be closed, there will be a hike and the outcome of the election will determine the stability of the country. So get food items. Ensure that you are not short on any food item.

Avoid crowded areas

Because anything can happen at anytime especially in crowded areas, avoid crowded areas like a plague.

Service your vehicles

In case of any emergency, you might need to use your vehicle and the hullabaloo of the election might not allow your mechanic to be readily available. So service your vehicle.

Go home immediately after voting

After casting your vote, go home. Don’t loiter.

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